Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I think the chiggers which have buried themselves into my panty line may indeed be the straw that breaks the camel's back. They itched all night long. They will itch for days. There ain't one damn thing you can do to hasten the process and there's not much you can to relieve the itching.

It's one more torment.

Anyway, I thought I'd just throw that out there. I'm sitting here, soaking wet with sweat, probably re-infested with more chiggers, picked up on today's walk while mosquitoes, even here on the porch, are hovering around, and I need to wash Buster and take him in. Today's the day.

Yeah, the trash needs taking too.

And hey! I just discovered a river of dog piss in the hallway.


God, I hope so.


  1. Good god.

    Hey clear nail polish works for chiggars. Suffocates them. I promise.

  2. SJ- I grew up on that belief too. It is not true. The chigger itself, by the time the itching has commenced, has dropped off. It is not there to suffocate.

  3. After you wash that dog real fast, can you shower and then benadryl yourself into a long nap? It sounds painfully uncomfortable and I am sorry for you.

  4. Chiggers and dog piss? I'd cry.
    Hope your day looks up.

  5. Sounds like an opportunity to wax nostalgic about "The Real Florida."

  6. I had to look up what a Chigger was and I can tell you I would just move to a place that doesn't have them. And the dog piss. Fuck. I would have sent the dogs packing long ago. I still think about your post when one of your dogs shit on the table. No wonder you want to live in Cozumel.

  7. Really?? I thought it stopped once the chiggar was dead. Because chiggars can crawl to new locations under your skin. Or did we just make that up entirely in the way that we southerners do?

  8. Don't know if it will help, but I used to visit my grandparents in Missouri and we used the nail polish on the ticks to make them back out and for chiggars we used masking tape to pull them off.ope your day gets better..
    (or try Ivy Dry it really does help!)

  9. Bastards! Try witch hazel on a cotton ball or pad and leave it on the spot for a while like a compress. For the chigger bites, of course. The dogs are bastards too but I don't know the treatment for that.


  10. Ah, the fine joys of summer in the south. Peace my friend.

  11. S. Jo- Nah. Too much to do.

    Mel- In some ways.

    Juancho- I should fucking sell tickets.

    Birdie- They probably have chiggers in Cozumel too. I put a link on the word CHIGGER but I guess no one realized that.

    SJ- Read that article in Wikipedia.

    Michelle- Trouble is, once they've started itching, the bug is gone. Now the tick-thing might work nicely although I just pull the suckers out. That Ivy Dry stuff is good.

    Invisigal- Yeah, witch hazel would probably help.

    Rubye Jack- Peace seems like a very foreign concept. I think we are at war with the natural world here in the summer.

  12. Too bad you weren't involved with that sect of Catholicism that flagellates themselves. Then there'd be a higher purpose for the chiggers.

  13. I don't like chiggers. But I haven't been in the woods lately so none have gotten on me. The fingernail polish cure used to crack me up.

  14. We used to put meat tenderizer on the chigger bites. don't know how it was supposed to work but as i recall it did.


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