Sunday, July 8, 2012


Hell on earth or at least that's what it feels like outside. Between the heat and the mosquitoes.
Okay. I know, I keep talking about these mosquitoes but even my next-door neighbor who has lived here most of her life and who is tougher than a box of nails is complaining about how horrible they are.
"I can't even open my front door!" she says.

She's right.

I'm just miserable. I had to be outside to do a few chores but beyond that, my mother is having a bad day and when I got home this afternoon, I had a message from the assisted living place and why can't they call my damn cell phone? and I called the nurse there and then I called Mother and I don't know what to think. The nurse went and checked on her again after we spoke and called me back to report that Mother was sitting in the dining room eating and chatting with her table mates and when asked how she was reported only a small headache.

But some of the things Mother said to me on the phone sounded very strange and I don't mean strange like there's something going on in the assisted living place but rather in her brain and I will go and see her tomorrow. 

So. I'm hot and I'm miserable and I'm feeling the guilt and worry that I always feel when I talk to my mother and I'm too tired to have the resources to deal with any of it. 

As crazy as this sounds, I am going to go make a fish chowder and maybe by the time it's ready, Mr. Moon and I will both be cooled down enough to eat it and then we can go to bed and I tell you this- if John Gorrie hadn't invented the air-conditioner, we would not be living here or, if we were, I would just go ahead and die because honestly, this is horrible and I feel so bad for the people all over the country who are suffering this same heat and who may not even have air conditioning because either they can't afford it or because they don't usually need it. I can only assume that people are dying.

And I think about how so much of the Republican party is obsessed with threats that are so vague and so unproven and meanwhile, so many of them deny climate change which, as far as I can tell, is the gravest threat not only to our nation but to our entire world.
Fuck them.

Yeah. I'm tired.

Let's all sleep good tonight.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. A screened in pool is the only thing making this summer livable to me.

  2. I don't know what your temps have been down there but ours have been breaking records. We even had a record breaking week of record breaking weather or something like that. I think we had over 10 days of 100+ weather. Thank goodness our humidity wasn't as horrible as it normally is. And thank God for air conditioning. So glad he made someone smart enough to invent that.

  3. Come to Ireland for a holiday, Mary. We got coolness. No bugs. Lots of rain.

    I hope things are ok with your mother. I am having hellish problems with my daughter now to the extent that we're both wishing ourselves dead. Life is a struggle.

  4. DTG- Man. Oh man. I wish. I'm glad you have access to one. I keep fantasizing that a cold spring sinkhole will open up on my property. You know, just a tiny one.

    gradydoctor- My mother will never be okay again. I promise you that. But thanks, sweetie.

    Rebecca- As I said, I know it's horrible hot all over in the US. Now, as to God making someone smart enough to invent the AC- well, couldn't he have just skipped the damn middle man and made it more temperate and created humans that weren't so damn stupid they had to go and completely fuck up the planet? Yeah, I know. Free will. Right.
    Sorry. I just don't have the patience for it right now.

    Jo- I should. Lord knows I should come to Ireland. I'm sorry about your daughter. Just keep loving her. She'll be okay. I swear.

  5. Ugh, mosquitoes, heat, sweat. We are having a banner year for mosquitoes and ticks here in Indiana, because of our unusually mild winter and the high temperatures we're having.

    I make soups and stews and chili in that kind of weather too.
    Hope you get cooled off!

  6. Crazy Skeeters going on around here. Worst ever.

  7. I imagine The Big One is just around the corner -- ready to punish us for basking in the temperate weather. No God stuff here -- it's just damn beautiful.

  8. Lora- I bet I've taken ten ticks off of me this year. It's just so crazy.
    But let me say this- that was one of the best soups I've ever made in my life. So there is that.

    Juancho- It's just beyond bearing, isn't it?

    Elizabeth- Bless you honey. Enjoy it. You deserve it. There will be a Big One for all of us eventually.

  9. My MIL has dementia and most of the time makes no sense. I see her but can't really talk to her much anymore. She is in la-la land.

    And yes, climate change is a real threat. It is real and we are just getting a taste of what is to come.


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