Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Back from my walk and I have the angrys today, don't ask me why. And please don't tell me that exercise magically erases anxiety, depression, appetite or any of the other miraculous cures attributed to it.

Oh, I know it's a wonderful thing. I bet in my lifetime I have walked enough miles to encircle the globe and maybe it's one of the reasons I'm as sane as I am but we must admit that that bar is set pretty darn low.

Well, time for a shower and then off to the more-reliable therapy of being with grandchildren with whom I am never angry but fully and powerfully mindful and alive and in love.


  1. you need to go blow stuff up- that's the best kind of therapy and since it's the 4th, you can do so without being treated as a criminal or a terrorist.


  2. Thank the universe for that --

  3. Rage Agains the Machine, an open road, windows down. That's my cure all.
    Babies are good too =)
    Happy 4th, dear Moon

  4. Hope the family helped, Ms. Moon. Sucks to feel like that.


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