Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Anderson And Andy And Some Other Stuff

What? Anderson Cooper is gay?
No. Go back.
I thought he was already out. I really did.
Oh well. The world continues to turn, even in the midst of my confusion.

When are we going to stop being so fascinated by who's gay and who's not and who's transgendered and who's just sort of butch or femme and admit it- there sure is a wide range of possibilities out there.
People fall in love with other people because of and despite. Both.

So yeah, I'm thinking about that this morning.

It's actually a pretty pertinent topic for me. I know and love a lot of folks who are in same-sex relationships and I also know a lot of transgendered and transgendering people and some of them are in same-sex relationships too, if you count their new sex, which I do.
This is what I've learned- if someone tells me they're a woman, I accept that, no matter what the visual clues are. Same if someone tells me they're a man. It's a lot simpler that way.

I know a couple who started out same-sex and now he's transgendering and so on the surface they now look like any heterosexual couple and it's working out very well for them. People are adaptable and when a person can finally become whom he or she was meant to be, it seems to me that it's best for everyone. This relationship is fairly straightforward (no pun intended but one is rather apropos, don't you think?) and easy to understand. Others I know are not so much and sometimes even I get confused, trying to figure it all out so I've just quit and simply accept the fact that people love who they love and beyond that, whatever.

I have heard, and I don't know if it's true or not, that some Native Americans believed that people whose sexuality and gender were somewhat blurred had been blessed with the spirits of both male and female, making them not less but more. I like that. Why can't we do that?

I don't know.

But I do know that if I can't find something to judge a person on beyond their gender identity or their sexuality, then I'm not very smart and my priorities are screwed up. My criteria is pretty much as follows:
Does this person have a good heart?
Does this person have a sense of humor?

Okay. That about sums it up. For me. I'm pretty simple, quite frankly.

All right. I've had my walk. It just about killed me. Some guy at the post office asked me how far I walk. People ask me this all the damn time. I don't know. Fuck. I walk about fifty minutes' worth. Real fast. This guy told me that his wife used to walk two hours a day. "But she was in her thirties then," he said. I was waiting for him to say she's dead now, but he did not. I hope she's not. But it seemed like he was going there.

When I walk, I feel sort of butch if you want to know the truth. I love that feeling. Like, Don't fuck with me, motherfuckers! I'm walking hard! Can't you see my sweaty body?

Frankly, everyone can see my sweaty body and smell it too. This, I believe is a huge deterrent to anyone fucking with me on any level. Why this is a butch feeling, I am not sure, but it is. My Butch-Ass men's cargo shorts help with the illusion. Plus, they have so many handy pockets to stick my CD player, my extra CD's, my phone, and my face-sweat wiper in.

I need to go bury myself in that gerontology book again and so I shall. But I'd like to take a moment to say Rest in Peace, Andy Griffith.
He died sometime this morning, I think, at the age of 86. I grew up loving his show which to me, was the best illustration of life in a small southern town I've ever seen on TV. That show celebrated, rather than made fun of, the south and all of its peculiarities. His characters were full-fledged and interesting and sometimes there was bluegrass music. Ah, the Darlings!
And if you've never seen A Face In The Crowd, you should.

Anderson Cooper is gay. Andy Griffith is dead. Life is interesting and sometimes sad and today, I am very glad to be alive and here in the south even if it is hotter than Hades as Aunt Bee may have said if she was feeling particularly racy. Was anyone in Mayberry gay? I don't know. Barney Fife may have been transgendered. He did look pretty good in a dress.
Oh wait. That adam's apple of his. Naw. Probably not.

But almost everyone in Mayberry had a good heart and a sense of humor.
So I liked them.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You do have a way with words. This post cracked me up!

    Hope your day is yummy.

  2. Oh Lord, I am laughing out loud at this. LOVE this post. You are so, so awesome. I love the image of "butch you" in the cargo shorts with all the pockets walking it out. Love that nobody is messing with you either. Ha ha ha.

    Check the postcard from the kids today -- you will totally appreciate it after this post! Thanks for an awesome smile this morning!

  3. I thought Anderson was already out too. He dated (at one point) my friend's (KDB) cousin, Andrew Rennells, the guy who stars in "The Book Of Morman" on Broadway! She told me that awhile back and so it was no surprise to me. I was like you, more surprised people were surprised. I mean, come on! That silver fox is too svelte to be straight.

  4. This cracked me up on a morning I needed cracking up. I agree with you, who cares where people put their love as long as someone is happy to recieve it. It is too hard to find and maintain love in this world, the packaging is disposable.

  5. I laughed aloud at the image of you in your big cargo shorts walking extremely fast through the wilds of Lloyd.

    You're awesome.

  6. "Does this person have a good heart?
    Does this person have a sense of humor?"

    According to my book perfectly sensible and common sense values to define a person by. I did not know you fast walked... It must be quite a sight... With all your bulging pockets.
    Keep walking and keep pointing us to real values...

  7. Sweeeeet! Another hot man out of the running!

  8. I can totally see you just taking no fucking prisoners as you walk...love it. And I love Anderson Cooper (and yes, I figured he was gay a long time ago, too. I make it a weird point to know about anyone who is a Vanderbilt and they are a diverse and lovely weird family. Anderson's being gay is about one of the most mainline things about the whole clan, really.

    I have heard bits about the Native American legends regarding those of varying sexualities. In India, there is a third gender, called the Hijra. They're pretty interesting to read about.

  9. I can walk about 3 miles in 50 minutes, but if you walk fast, you may go much further than that! I know that butch feeling - I think there is something about people walking around not caring how much they sweat that scares some people.

  10. Ms. Fleur- Thanks!

    Gradydoctor- I was commenting on that very post when you were here. We're such a nice community, aren't we?

    Nicol- You're right. He's hot.

    Brother Wrecking Ball- This is why I love you.

    Elizabeth- If by awesome you mean really sweaty and stinky, why yes I am!

    Photocat- I don't do that speed-walk thing. I have some dignity!

    DTG- Love you, baby.

    Magnum- He's in the running. Just not on your team.

    Chrissy- I know! It's odder that he's a Vanderbilt than that he's gay. I need to read about those Hijra. Thanks!

    Anna- I don't think I scare anyone in Lloyd but I sure as hell would in Tallahassee.

  11. I think u r wise - either u r very humble or do too much butch walking to realize this about yourself (regarding your answer to me in one of your previous posts). Great post,

  12. You are funny! I thought Anderson was out too. Who really cares? I hope that he has a good life. After growing up with Gloria Vanderbilt as his mother, he can be whatever he wants.
    Mayberry was supposedly patterned after Mount Airy, NC where Andy was from. He was probably more enlightened than most of the people from there though, although he was very Christian. Oh well... I like small town America.

  13. I always thought Floyd the barber was the best candidate for gayness.

  14. Daddy B- Could quite possibly be. Hey! I love your guts!

  15. That's weird, I love your guts too.


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