Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We're in Asheville, Which Is Very Cool

Yes. We are staying at a place called the Mountaineer Inn. No, I'm not kidding.
For tonight.
Tomorrow, maybe not.
It's not a bad place and the pool looks lovely and there's a tiny refrigerator in the room and plenty of neon. Neon abounds!

The star flashes on and off. Of course.

But they spell their words backwards. And there's no mattress pad. And the top sheet is ripped. But you want to hear something really funny?
I love it! I think that means we have the only king-sized bed in the place. It certainly does not mean complimentary champagne and a cheese and fruit plate.

But we're here. And it was a long day but we ended up in Jessie and Vergil's driveway and I love their neighborhood, love their house. They have a nice little yard and they can put in a little garden and maybe even have chickens, depending on city ordinances. And it's within walking distance of about fifty of the coolest looking restaurants and most darling shops and nightclubs and bars and book stores and a hippie grocery and I think it looks perfect. Just perfect.

We had dinner at a microbrewery/restaurant and I had a giant bowl of noodles which was very much Pho-Like and man, you cannot beat that. No way, no how. And the sky is putting on a show now with great slashes of lightening across the sky and sudden bursts of winds but we feel real cozy here in the Mountaineer.

It's very late and it was a long day but it's nice to check in here.
Thank all of you so much for all the beautiful comments you've left and I MEAN IT!
And I probably won't have time to answer comments or even visit at your places and you know that hurts my heart but we're here to help Jessie and Vergil and so we shall and dang it, there are too many intriguing shops not to visit one or two or four or ten and there are meals to eat and curtains to hang and oh, hell. This is why you leave town, right?

One more picture. We stopped somewhere in Georgia for lunch and ate at a very small restaurant called Jesus y Maria and we were the only gringos there and here's what I ate for lunch:

I felt like I was in Mexico and honeys, that's a good feeling.

YES! It IS all about the food.

You know it is and so do I.

Okay. Food and love. And yes, neon. And the way the mountains look in the dusk and you know why they call them the Smokey's.

Yeah, it's about a lot of things.

All right- one more thought- if this was my wedding night and this was my bridal suite, I would totally reconsider the whole idea of marriage.

Sweet dreams...Ms. Moon


  1. There is a whole blog site dedicated to these old hotels. You kind of go into an old era and are just a little freaked out but that sign. The sign makes it all worth it.

    In my city there is an old hotel called The Castway. It has a man laying in taters on the beach with a treasure chest in front of him and the jewels in the chest SPARKLE! Oh, yes! They do! I love it!

    Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite. I mean it. Don't.

  2. Hope you guys have a hell of a time. I'm so excited for those young lovebirds - jealous too!

  3. There is a grand hotel in Asheville called the Grove Park. It is definitely a high $$$$ place. But luxurious. I kind of like the B & B's there. The Mountaineer looks to be a retro place for sure. Enjoy the bridal suite and your visit. Those mountains are deep and mysterious.

  4. You know I have to say, at least you and Mr. Moon pick a local place with lots of history. Anyone can stay at the Hampton. And yes, if they serve Jarritos to drink, it is where the locals go in GA for good Mexican. Looks yummy.
    You two always have a great adventure when you travel and it is so wonderful that you and Mr. Moon are able to help J and V get settled.
    Did you bring your clogging shoes?

  5. OM NOM! Food and love are on my mind too :)

    If that was your bridal suite, I'd say you would just have been married by Elvis, so your whole view of marriage would be very different in the first place!

  6. Exotic food, neon and ripped sheets in the bridal suite... sounds like a hellova time to me!

    Would you like me to drop in on russell?


  7. Ah...The Up on tunnel road.
    Try to get over and visit Hendersonville if you will REALLY love it!

  8. What is Pho-Like???

    Please give Jessie and Vergil big hugs for me. Their place sounds perfect!

  9. Sister Moon in the mountains....there is a song in there somewhere.

  10. So glad to hear from you! I have been thinking about you. I even told the cats that you were on a trip with Mr. Moon this morning over coffee. (I was having coffee. The cats were not.)

    Jessie's place and neighborhood sound swell. Please send my love to the lovebirds.


  11. You're hilarious! And I am definitely getting Mexican food for lunch today. That looks sooo good. Have a nice time getting things settled today. :)

  12. That's the best thing about leaving town, going out to eat and discovering new places. Kevin and I make it a point NOT to eat at any chain...only local mom/pop joints. Some of the best food ever!

  13. That lunch looks very very good.

    Thank you for keeping us updated! :)

  14. I love all that neon! It is pretty up there. I have relatives who live nearby. In fact my cousin works at the Biltmore House and keeps asking me to come visit. I might just do it!

  15. Glad you made it safe and sound! Jessie's place sounds so neat, you and Mr. Moon enjoy yourselves!
    My word verification is "reffer" Just so you know :)

  16. As always you're right. It is all about food and love.

    Jessie and Vergil's place sounds lovely.

    Enjoy the honeymoon suite. Love you xx

  17. Hey you're only about 3 hours away from me :) I want to take a weekend trip to asheville sometime...maybe over the summer.

  18. Good grief, Ms. Moon - you left Florida! I never thought this would happen, not even in the spring. Who's watching your chickens while your away? So you're in Ashville, I was in Gatlinburg TN from Thursday to Sunday - we were so close to meeting (or not).

  19. Those tacos look like the real thing. Yum.

  20. No, I cannot abide their reckless and topsy turvy spelling. No No!


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