Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I feel so discombobulated this morning. Owen did, in fact, go back to sleep with Bop and Mer-Mer and it was so sweet that I wondered if maybe just lying down with a baby is enough to bring on the progesterone, that good milky hormone that causes such a sense of well-being. I would not be surprised. He kept snaking his arm beneath my head and pulling me closer. Oh. That boy.

But then we all got up and Bop got ready for work, and our refrigerator, the one we bought LAST YEAR is not working. No. It is not. And dammit. Dammit. So he's going to find the warranty and call a repairman and get a little work done before he leaves for his sister's house in Bradenton and I made meal-meal for Aunt Jessie and Owen and we've fed chickens and I've unloaded the very important refrigerator items to ice chests and Jessie and Owen are off to the truck stop for ice.

Preparation for hurricane season, you could say.

I was awake and then I was not and I was up and then I was down and now that I'm up again I'm not really awake and this is what we call discombobulation....

And it's been so busy here and Mr. Moon is leaving today and will be gone a week and Jessie is leaving tomorrow and will be gone for who knows how long and here I am.

And if all fails and I don't get my refrigerator fixed I can dig potatoes from the garden and it'll be like it was when I was a little girl the age of the one in that picture above whose mother went to the hospital and the maid was left with the children and there was nothing in the house to eat except potatoes although now, that's not the case, of course.
But hell. I know I CAN live on potatoes, bless my Irish blood. I think I have some.

The beans have started making.

And there is squash and tomatoes and there are eggs.

Although Buster ate those particular eggs.

And oh yes...Publix is ten minutes down the road.


Discombobulated and I keep turning the corner and seeing that picture of me, as a child and I think of how damn cute I was and I am even more discombobulated and well, hell, it's just that sort of day and I need to put that picture somewhere where I can't see it every two seconds.

Good morning.


  1. You are still so cute. I see you now in that little one, and I see her in you now.

    Good morning.

  2. I'll call you later and tell you about crazy times here at the state.

    (no word yet.)

  3. What a cute picture! I hate that not awake feeling.

  4. I can absolutely recognize you in that picture! Your eyes, I think. Cute.
    Yours is the third story I've heard about a broken refrigerator. The end times must be near!

  5. Now did you go back to sleep or did you just enjoy Owen's cuteness as he slept beside you?

  6. Our garden is doing great too. We have so many taters. Cute photo.

  7. I knew that was you before I even read the post! What an adorable picture.

  8. You look the same! I love that picture of you at age one. Your expression, your light, your smile, they haven't changed one bit. You're sooo dang CUTE.

    A hardy spirit and the ability to find the humor in a thing are gifts beyond compare. i think you have both.

  9. You were and ARE a cutie.

    Sorry to hear about the cocksucking fridge, goddammit.

  10. Ohhh, hugs to that sweet little girl!

    Sweetie pea.

    Hope your fridge is sorted soon, that's shit.

  11. I feel discombobulated by your continuing posts and pictures of flowers/vegetables/fruits. We are WAAAY behind you in this here state of Washington with the dangest coldest Spring on record. Our lettuce is weensy. I have one tomato flower which may never become a tomato.

    I stand before my raised beds and say I'm sorry.

  12. What a blondie your were! I hope you have shared this with Owen and told him a story about being that little...

    Discombulation...a common occurrence I have as well.

  13. Look at that cute little Ms. Moon. I wonder what you were thinking at that exact moment to get that smile.

    Damn fridge! Hope the repairman know what the hell he's doing.

  14. Elizabeth- Good morning a day later! Jeez.

    DTG- Still waiting? I love you.

    Stephanie- "Dreamy" isn't always a good thing.

    Lora- The end times for my perishables.

    Angella- I was one cute little girl. I will totally admit that.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- And it's not even a year old!

    Jo- Waiting for repair dude to call.

    Beth- Gotta be patient. Like I keep saying- in August you'll still be getting things out of your garden while mine will be abandoned to the heat and bugs.

    Ellen- I showed it to him. He wasn't very interested.

    Mel's Way- I hope the same thing.

  15. You are so adorable in that picture!

    (And I am so discombobulated today. Thanks for sending me the word for what I'm feeling.)

  16. I'd recognise you in that picture in a second. It's beautiful xx

    Yes ditto SB, damn the cocksucking fridge!


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