Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lessons Learned On A Saturday Night

Here is what I learned last night:

That children whose births I may attended about a million years ago are old enough to be fine musicians who can carry a bar-full of people down a path of fast-flung notes and come to the end with everyone breathless and grinning.

That a woman can play the stand-up bass in such a way as to make you almost feel as if you are watching something you should not. That she can slap and spank it and balance it between her hip bones and toss it back and forth and that she may come out onstage wearing shoes but by the second song, there are no shoes in sight and her feet are grabbing the floor and every molecule of her being is involved in the music she is making from that big dog of an instrument as she bends it to her submission and if you don't fall in love with that woman, there is something mighty wrong with you. Not a lick of make-up on her face, a fairly short dress, arms like steel and a dancing body, hair pulled up tight.
Yeah. I'm in love.

That Magnum and Baby Mama are mighty cute and I was pleased to meet them. At one point I leaned back and said to Magnum, "You know I have to write about that bass player," and he said, "I don't think I better."

That just as you do not assume a woman is pregnant and ask her when her baby is due unless she is in active labor, you do not say to a man as old as you are who is holding a baby, "And this must be your grandson," because he may well say, "No. He's my son."
Can you say, Social Blunder?
Oh well.

That Lon and Lis Williamson know everybody in Tallahassee. And everybody in Tallahassee loves them.

That we old hippies are getting just as old as anyone else and sometimes gracefully and sometimes not and the changes can be shocking but if you look into our eyes, here we are, here we are, and we love listening to our babies playing music as much as our babies loved listening to us do the same. Okay, well, more.
They danced to us, we dance to them and in the end, everyone dances and their babies are dancing too.

And that's real, real fine.


  1. Sounds awesome -- I wish you had a photo of the bass player, though. :)

  2. Dang. I can see her. You made me fall in love too. How did you do that you magic woman? You do with words what that bass player does with her music. You live so flat out engaged so fully all in it's just hypnotic.

  3. yup, we're all getting older. good news is that most of us are in much better, more stable places now and the years do make us wiser

  4. LOVE your description. Sounds like you had a good night!

  5. ah that sounds like a perfect night we have missed :-)) glad you had fun^^

  6. Dearest Mary, I agree with Elizabeth and Angella. It sounds great!

    I was walking through the park recently wearing a vest top and a tulip skirt and this guy sitting on a bench smiles as says "Congratulations!" I say "For what?"
    His face was a picture and I put the skirt in the charity shop bag when I got home.

    Lon and Lis sound fabulous just like you two xx

  7. Elizabeth- Did not take the camera. Plus- would have been rude. Maybe.

    Angella- If I could write like she plays bass, I'd be famous. And rich. I promise you.
    But thank you. You are so dear.

    esther- Hello, hello! Boy, I wish I could say I was getting wiser.

    Jo- We did.

    Pieces of Me- Hello, Danielle! Yep. You would have had a good time.

    Christina- Ha! Well. We've all been there. The difference with me is that usually if I was being accused of being pregnant, I probably was!


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