Saturday, May 28, 2011

Potato Harvest And A Skink

So here's what I've been doing today. Digging potatoes. I got smart and used the gloves Kathleen gave me to dig them. I'm such an idiot that I haven't been using them all along. They're wonderful gloves. So I probably didn't get all of the potatoes out of the beds, but there must be at least fifty pounds in that old canning kettle. Some of them big, some little, some whole, and some munched on by ants. Dang ants.
Well, for all the good they do for the earth, I'll give them a bit of a tithing.
Even if they do bite me.

And that is all the yard work I'm doing for now. It is too damn hot. I'm moving the hoses around. All of a sudden I realize that I'm going to lose plants if I don't. Like fig trees. I may already be too late. I talk all root-hog-or-die but there are certain plants that I really would hate to lose, my fig trees being a prime example.

Here's a skink on my porch which obviously needs sweeping in the corners. I believe it is a Broadhead Skink. God, I love the internet. Here's a fine page with some lizard information on it.

Here's what it has to say about the Broadhead, just in case you're not in the mood to click onto a page about skinks and anoles:

This is the Broadhead Skink, Eumeces laticeps, basking on a stone plain of some sort. Males have the facial flush and can get quite large for skinks. Skittish. Those big jaws can pinch.

Spellcheck doesn't seem to know beans about skinks and anoles.
Oh well.

I don't really either, even if I do live with them. All the anoles look pregnant right now. For all I know they are.

I think it may be nap time.

After I move the hose again. Hose-moving isn't yard work. It's just fun.


  1. The wildlife that you live with there in Florida. Wow.

  2. Yellow type on blue background - difficult to read.

  3. We have a big basket of potatoes too. What do you do with all yours? Do they freeze well?

  4. Rebecca- The wildlife is our roommates.

    Lucy- Noted.

    Syd- I think you have to rinse them, then "cure" them on a sheet in the sun and then you can store them. I think.

  5. I've never heard about freezing potatoes, as you said Ms Moon, wash and be sure they're dry and then store then in a cool place in the dark. If the light hits them, even thru a garage door, they'll get green places on them which is a type of sunburn and supposedly if you eat the "green", it'll make your heart race.

  6. Thanks for the skink photo. I've never seen one. Cool beans.

  7. That must be a male skink then?

    You put me to shame with your growing and gardening. I feel guilty enough to do something about it xx


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