Monday, May 9, 2011

He's Growing Up, Y'all. I'm Growing Old.

Owen has learned some new things. One is to check the messages on my phone using the phone. I have no idea how to do this but Owen does.
Thank goodness he is here because Jessie has gone and Mr. Moon and I frequently need technical help with the electronic devices.
Last night the television wasn't working right and I was just prouder than SHIT that I knew where to find the number to call for technical assistance after neither Mr. Moon nor Jessie nor I could figure out the problem. They don't exactly advertise that number you know. They don't WANT you to call. But HA-HA-HA on them! I have it!

Owen has learned something even more important than message-checking though. He has learned to smack-kiss. Meaning he can really give kisses. Smacky ones. We had a nap this afternoon and as soon as he woke up he rolled over, saw me and kissed me.
Whoa, Nelly! I love that boy so much.
Then he got off the bed and found my glasses the way he does and handed them to me and said, "Down," which means to get off the bed and get up and let's get on with our day. He also hunted up a hair-tie for me too. He's good like that.

We read two new books today. One of them was this one:

Jo sent it to me all the way from Ireland! Owen really likes it because it has many of his favorite things in it. A duck, a truck, a goat, a frog, a sheep and a jeep. Rip-roaring story line too! Thanks, Jo! I have a feeling I'll be reading that again. And again. And again. And....

We also read the classic, Are You My Mother? Hard to beat that one. My favorite line is "How can I be your mother? I am a cow."
For some reason, that just cracks me up.
We read a whole pile of books today before our nap. I love this ritual with Zeke on the bed and the fans on and Mr. Giant Bear lying beside us. I love everything about naps. In fact, I just can't seem to get enough sleep these days. Is it depression or am I dying?
I think I'm just retreating. I don't really feel depressed. I just feel tired.
All the time.

Oh well.

Anyway, Owen's gone home now with his papa. We were out feeding the mule and the goats and the chickens when Jason got here. Owen never wants to go home. There's just so much to do here. We looked for eggs and found one before they left but he was somewhat disappointed not to see a snake. I swear, ever since that day we saw a snake, he's wanted to see another one. He will. It's getting hot and when that happens it always gets snaky.

Lloyd. The crickets are picking up the hum and singing their chorus. The hotter it gets, the louder and more continually they sing. The chickens drowse under the shed. The dogs sleep in the hallway where there's a breeze. It's getting to be summer.

Owen kissed me good-bye and left with his daddy. My brother will be here soon. I need to put the clean sheets on his bed, wash the lunch dishes, tidy up.
I will.
I will.

But for right this second, it's so nice to just sit here, listen to the crickets, let the heat settle around me, look out into the back yard, so filled with green. Wallow in the peace, allow myself this small grace after that beautiful boy's whirling, joyful presence.


  1. Ah, if he likes that one, he would LOVE "Duck on A Bike" by David Shannon. It is the best, I tell you. And I love that mouthful of teeth he has!

    It is snowing here today; I am envious of your crckets, and the heat.

  2. Watch out, he's Mr. Bitey! Say hi to Russ for me, and y'all should come to trivia. 7:30!

  3. Those little ones have it all figured out in no time flat!
    You can almost see their little brains forming connections. He's such a little man these days.

  4. Wonderful, wonderful grandson, Ms Moon, matches his grandmother, also wonderful.

  5. Whoa Nelly! I thought we were the only ones who used that expression! This post made me smile -- for you -- for me, in the memory of having a small boy in the house. So much joy --

  6. a slice of heaven.
    and that's the thing, you share every delicious bite!

  7. Oh Mary, he is growing up fast! Beautiful pictures. I think it's good for you to get lots of sleep, I just go with it. Love you xx

  8. I understand feeling tired. Not sure what I am feeling but tired is one of the things. Not long before I hit the hay here.

  9. Those teefers!
    Wow, what a precious mouth full of pearly whites.
    Love your descriptions.
    Book time sound dreamy.

  10. Yes! That is a mouthfull of teef.
    The O-boy is obviously technically inclined if he is already picking up your voice mail messages. This is a good thing in this technological world we live in.

    "I love this ritual with Zeke on the bed and the fans on and Mr. Giant Bear lying beside us." =o)))
    I love your ritual, too. Can I take a nap with you guys? I will settle in on the other side of Mr Giant Bear.
    Keeses. N2

  11. Oh, you will read it again and again, but thankfully it scans so sweetly, it's a pleasure. Poetry! I love it. :) xx

  12. I know a lot of mothers who are cows. I told you I was in a MEAN mood today. Okay, EVERYday.

  13. MS. MOON, HE IS BEAUTIFUL, a gorgeous child! It is amazing how much he has grown! I need to score a copy of "duck in the truck" that would be right up Jackson Daniel's ally as well!

  14. Oh to have a little cutie like that running around! I can see why you love him so, Ms. Moon.


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