Friday, May 6, 2011

My Name Is Ms. Moon

I'll be your server tonight.

I'm going to the Opera House tonight but not to act. No, I'll be waiting tables. Or, more hopefully, serving plates in the kitchen. This is so much easier than acting. I mean, what's the worst thing that can happen?

Okay, okay, don't start.

Well, anyway, here I go. I think you're supposed to wear black pants and a tucked-in white shirt. Whatever.
I'm wearing a black skirt and a non-tucked in white shirt and dammit, I am bringing my own apron and it's red. I left my black one at Gator Bone.

Life will go on.

I'll be glad to see the murder mystery that Kathleen and Judy have directed and all my friends who are in it.

I'll be missing Colin who always tended bar for these things. I know my eyes will be searching for him, even as my heart knows he won't be there.
I still don't know how that can be true.

Well. Here I go. What's black, white and red all over?

Hopefully not someone in a new outfit after I knock their wine over on them.

Hey! If I were any good at this stuff, they'd pay me, right?



  1. Someone should definitely be paying you. Hope you had a good night my friend xx

  2. Ouch - I left my best big pot at Gatorbone, too - the one I make beans in, you know? Just wanted to let you know I've been caught in a crazy swirl at work, depleted of energy, but missing your Voice, which has become so important to me. Sending love and light.

  3. So you didn't mention the bra...hehehe..knowing how you don't really like the bound feeling! hehehe! I warn you that I am in an odd mood tonight...

    On a more grown up way...I would say in your heart and eyes..indeed you will be looking for Colin. For how can you not? Familiar faces are what you want to see and at a place that holds such fond memories of good times. Colin may not be "there" but he is...

  4. I think that you are awesome to volunteer to do that job.


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