Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Home Is Where The Feet Touch The Ground

Up and walked and sweating already and now to shower and go to town and dentist and take mother and back home.
Back home.
I always count everything in segments of back home.

And it's May's true, real birthday. Oh my. That girl. Celebrate my May, my born-with-the-sun girl. My lives-life-on-her-own-terms girl. My beautiful, dancing daughter.

I will go wash, I will get dressed, I will go to town, I will come home.

Always home.

I feel the world swirling around me too fast and I am holding on with my finger tips, trying to feel the ground below me, legs swinging for purchase.

'Til I'm back home, safely, soundly, back home.


  1. I read this and I thought of the song by Coldplay "Clocks"...I have had that song on my mind of late.

    A birthday girl, a day you gave birth..memories and life ticking on.

  2. tell her happy birthday for me!

  3. Happy Birthday to my dear May-May, and Happy Birth-Giving Day to you, Mary.

    I love you TONS.

  4. I take it as a good sign when you "count everything in segments of back home." I think it means you are comfortable with who you are and where you live and that you have invested in feathering your nest well.

    I love being home too. Happy day to you.


  5. just saying the word h o m e...
    is so round and warm in ones mouth.

    i love to the moon and back...

  6. I stop by from SB's blog every once in a while. I would have never written something like this, yet the universal truth of it is calming. ~Mary

  7. I like being at home and on the boat which is also like a home.

  8. Hang in there. I'm making enemies right and left out here.

  9. Dearest Mary, I feel for you and I hate the heat too.

    I hope your day was good.

    A very Happy Birthday to May.

    I shall be back later to read your blog properly as it's 4.30am and I've just seen how much I have to catch up with. I don't like to rush.

    Love you very much xx


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