Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy RNA Day

I'm having a hard time writing a "real" Mother's Day post today.
The reason is that I can take a Hallmark Moment and turn it into a grief and guilt-fest. Well. Let me ask you this- what in the world is more worthy of that particular skill of mine than a day proclaiming itself to be Mother's Day?
So you know what? I'm not going to do that.
I'm just going to say that yes, Mother's Day is a day to joyfully receive a breakfast tray in bed and flowers in a vase and jewelry in a box and a brunch in a restaurant and it's also a day to ponder the most primal and complex of all relationships.
And what in the world could illustrate that better than John Lennon singing the song he wrote about that very subject?

But then I'm going to remind you that it is never too late, ever, to be mothered, to mother, whether you are a man or a woman, and that what mothers represent is, after all, love. The strongest and most pure of all the types of love we know here on earth and even though none of us has ever received or given that love perfectly in every way, we all have our moments, sometimes with our children, and sometimes with our mothers and sometimes with others who may not even be related to us. Or even plants and or even animals or even...
And that that sort of love is healing. And that even the deepest pains can be eased with it. Even the greatest sorrows can be soothed with it. Even the greatest burdens can be lifted with it so that our faces change, our bodies relax, our hearts open and we are able to give and receive more of it.
Mother love.
John Lennon called Yoko "Mother." She was his angel. And I believe that by the time he died, he was at a great place of peace, being loved by her and loving with her the child they had made. In fact, he often took the mother role in raising that son and he said that it was his greatest accomplishment.

So whether you were mothered well or poorly, whether you are a mother or not, whether you wanted to be a mother or did not choose ever to be a mother, know that in your veins flows the blood of mother love because that is our birthright as humans.
I think that scientifically it may be referred to as RNA.

And that's it. I'm not going to sit here and attribute holiness to mothers or wish you all hearts and flowers or tell you how much I love my children for making me a mother or any of that stuff.
I do that every damn day of the week in one way or another and so today, I'm just going to say, Hey. It's complex. If it weren't, it wouldn't be so powerful.

It's as ridiculous to try and define motherhood as it is to try and make One Day A Year to recognize it.

Now go love something. Even a mother, if that's your desire.
And I mean that in all of the definitions you can imagine.


  1. Wonderful. To read, to absorb, to be uplifted and thoughtful. XO

  2. I had a wonderful brunch with my son and daughter-in-law and I got to meet your beautiful May and you probably already know this, but she gives the best hugs and I got plenty of them! What a sweetheart she is and yes there will be pictures tomorrow on my blog.

  3. SJ- You are WELCOME!

    Elizabeth- You are a lion mother. I love that about you.

    Maggie May- I hope you get a million kisses today. You deserve that every day.

    Lois- Oh! That makes me so happy! Isn't she wonderful?

  4. Dearest Mother Moon......
    You have absolutely outdone yourself ......this is the most profound and beautiful expressed and brilliant blog of them all......till your next one.

    Yes, I never wanted to be a Mother (of a human baby) but You have made me realize that I may have turned out to be the biggest mother of them all....seriously.

    Thanks again and again.

  5. I needed this more than I can explain. Beautifully, perfectly said. Thank you. And thank you for the FB comment this morning, it made my entire face change and mood lift, as I was taking a walk and it popped up on my phone. Thank you for the mother love, it does heal and soothe. I found myself talking about you to my aunts at brunch.

  6. Lo- Human babies are one thing. Why do you think I keep dreaming about chickens and feral monkey babies and so forth? There is love to give to all of it. That's our job. You have done WELL.

    Lois- And she said that you are SO SWEET!

    Cetta- Hello. And thank you. And please be welcome here any time.

    Bethany- Some of the most motherly people I know did not give birth. You, for example.

  7. oh! my favorite part was your comment to bethany. it was. it is.

  8. adrienne- It's true, though. You know it is.

  9. Well said. And Happy Mother's Day to you my wonderful friend xx

  10. Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes , yes! Thank you for this.

  11. I needed this today. beautiful words. thank you. Happy Mother's day

  12. Thank you Ms. Moon. You put it perfectly for me.

    All the very best to you and yours.

  13. A breakfast tray in bed, and flowers, and yes, being mothered and mothering others, no matter the age, background, etc. I agree!

    Thanks for the reminder to go & love.

  14. Mother love is important. I am glad that I had a mother, otherwise I would not be here. Seriously, she was complex and loving and imperious. I loved her a lot.

    DNA holds the information about you, and RNA reads that information. Interesting stuff.

  15. I just want to say i think you are one heck of a mother not just to your babies who really do know how lucky they are to be yours but to a whole community of folk right here who make their way to you blog every day because they--we--know you will bless our hearts and whatever ails us we will be able to wrap ourselves up in ms moon's love and for that moment in our day we just might learn something and be okay.

  16. Nice and very unique post. Thank you for not posting a bunch of flowery prosaic bullshit.

    I love you!

  17. so beautifully said, so healing and hopeful and inclusive! thanks much for sharing. read via link at flux capacitor blog. best!

  18. Christina- And happy Mother's Day to you who nurtures and mothers so many. I know you do. Don't even try to tell me you don't. Love from me.

    Loredana- Thank-you for coming by and taking the time to comment.

    Miss Tricky- Thank YOU! And again, it's nice to be visited.

    Terena- We try so hard, don't we? To love with that love we know we have inside us?

    Andrew- And to you and yours too, dear man.

    Terresa- Being love and loving- what is more important?

    Syd- Thank-you, sweet Pragmatic Scientist With A Poet's Heart.

    Angella- And back to you who does the same for me and so many others too. Love you.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Aw. Gin is better than flowers any day. Also, John Lennon.

    gia- Maggie May was a true love to post a link. Thanks for coming by.

  19. Dear Ms. Moon,

    I love this post. Thank you.

  20. sigh...

    Even when I'm struggling, this is my default.. to mother.
    It hurts a lot. But...


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