Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Third Party With Cake

The cake.

Lily and Jason on the Four-Wheeler.

My beautiful niece, Riley behind Uncle Glen on the four-wheeler.

The birthday cake with Jessie and Granny wiping her brow.

How many birthday candles have these two blown out together? One 22, one 84.

Tay-Tay, Hank, Shayla, May, Waylon, Billy, Kian, Linda, Sarah, Kathleen, Lucia, Jerry, Granny. Not in that order. If you're new here- well, sorry. Too much family/friend/neighbor blend to explain.
Let's just call it all family.

You know who. Eating cake.

May and Granny. Precious.


My babies. Oh. My babies.

Owen, Auntie May-May, Vergil. Night-night kisses turning into adventure on the back porch.

Yeah. It was a wonderful third party.

Vergil is leaving to go back to Boulder tomorrow and I'm like, "Why? You're home already."
But that's a damn good way to feel. He and Jessie are spending the night. So are Lily and Jason and Owen. Lily and Jason have to be at work at six which means I'll be up with Owen in the morning.

I'd apologize for not being around to all ya'll's places but hey- it's been busy.

Happy birthday, Jessie. Happy birthday, Granny.

It's been a mighty fine day.


  1. Thank you for these posts. They've been wonderful. The love oozes out all over the place.

  2. ...And I just keep coming back for more....happy birthday to all, let the love come down....

  3. Happy Birthdays! What a season of parties. I say boo to Vergil leaving so soon.

  4. You've been making me cry for days now!

  5. It was another spectacular, fun and tasty Moon Production! I think that is what your parties should be called: "Another Moon Production"!
    hee hee!

    It was lovely.


  6. Thanks for the photos. Happy Birthday Jessie and Granny! MANY MORE!



  7. Thanks SB. We wish you had been here to celebrate with us all.

    Man Mama, you and Papa put on another wonderful, delicious party. Thank you, thank you!

  8. I would have been enjoying my cake about the same way Owen did. Looks so delicious!

  9. You all know how to party for sure. Looks like a nice time.

  10. gradydoctor- I feel so honored, having you along on this journey.

    Elizabeth- Thanks, doll!

    Akannie- And the love rises us up.

    Mwa- He had to leave. He really couldn't spare the time he took which made it all the more precious. In two weeks, they'll be together in their new house.

    Jo- I shall try and make you laugh very soon. I promise!

    Ms. Fleur- This one was a FULL Moon Production! Phew!

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- We talked about how much we wish you had been here.

    HoneyLuna- Our pleasure. It was fun. We love you so. Didn't your daddy make you a great cake?

    Mel's Way- Yep. Owen got it right. And wanted "More!"

    Syd- And for someone who doesn't really like parties at all...

  11. Oh, sorry to be late! Happy Birthday, beautiful Jessie. Happy Birthday, Granny!

  12. Ooh! The cake looks wonderful! Lovely, lovely pictures. How brilliant to have everyone there. I'm so glad you're having a good time. Love you Mary xx

    PS. Love your monkey lamp too!

  13. (Obviously I wasn't blaming him - I was saying boo to Jessie going without. Just clarifying.)


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