Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The thing I love about this house the most is that it has a huge number of fine, big windows. There is light everywhere. It is not a big house but with all the light, Jessie and Vergil are never going to feel closed up or trapped. They are going to dance on the wood floors from one light-beam to the next, they'll enjoy being able to figure out which puddle of sun they want to be in.
I like that. A lot.

So what have I done today? Well, had a huge breakfast at a diner which would be reason enough to move to a neighborhood. It's a quick, short walk there and the biscuits were fine. You can get a spinach and feta omelet without any pretension, too. They don't need no stinkin' orange slice on the plates. There isn't enough room on the plates for an orange slice. Too many hashbrowns and biscuits.
Yessiree Bob!

Food. I seem to be obsessed. It's just so nice to go out to eat. I'm so grateful to sit down and have someone bring me some.

But anyway, what else did I do today?
Oh, well. I shopped. No, not at the cute little shops. Jessie and I did the industrial Goodwill/Target shopping. Gotta do it. A house is not not built on darling hanging things, you know. No, there must be forks and knives and rugs and coffee pots and washcloths. So that's what we shopped for. I highly approve of the Goodwill. We got a beautiful, heavy old Revere Ware pot

and a Krups coffee pot, both for nine bucks. The coffee maker may not work so well. We're testing it out now. And if it doesn't, we have seven days to take it back.

Target was...Target.
Why did they take the garden centers out of Target? I hate them for that. I like them at least fifty-sixty percent less now.

After the Target we went to the local Hippy Grocery Store. Okay. Let's just face it- Asheville is a hippy town. Everywhere you look there are people so damn cool that it makes me want to spit on the sidewalk.
I'm sort of not kidding.
Old hippys and young hippys. Gray-headed hippys and dreaded hippys. Hippy mamas, hippy babys and hippy daddys and hippy kids and hippy everybodies, smiling widely and saying, "Hey! How are you?"

I am not cool enough for Asheville.
But that's cool.

The grocery store was some sort of Whole Foods thing. It's not called Whole Foods but a lot of their signs and stuff say Whole Foods so whatever. It's WholefuckingFoods enough for me.
No. It was lovely. It really was. Lovely food, lovely wood ceilings, lovely ambient lighting, lovely flowers and local eggs and lots of notices on the bulletin board for lovely, empowering seminars and groups with the pictures of lovely, happy people who are obviously just fucking FULL of the Life Force and they want to teach YOU how to be that happy and full of the Life Force. With yoga and ancient chanting and ancient teachings and ancient teas and ancient knowledge.
What can I say? Those ancients. Man.
They had it going ON!

So the men went and bought paint and manly things at the Lowe's. The only room in the house that is not a color I'd choose myself is the living room which someone painted a sort of rust-blood red with black trim.

But Mr. Moon and Vergil are painting it a nice custard yellow with white trim and the light will shine even more brightly in that room. Believe me, it will feel a lot more welcome.
And at home.

At home. Where yes, it's rather chaotic right now, but which is going to be homey and comforting and welcoming and a nest for these two people whom I love so much.
A little while ago I asked Vergil what I should be doing.
"Have you blogged yet today?" he asked me.
"Well, that's what you need to do."

Yeah. I think I'll keep him.

They're already starting to make corners and spaces look sweet.

A bed.

Flowers in a vase.

Kati's rose on the front steps.

The windchimes that Lon and Lis gave Jessie for her birthday.

They''re working hard. So is Mr. Moon. I'm not. Here's Jessie, being all growly because she has to clean the walls.

She's not really growly at all. She's happy. She just made that face at me.

And here are the rhododendron blooming in the front:

Aren't they a glory?

Okay. This is it for me here. I'm going to go put things away in the kitchen and see what I can do to be of service.

To be completely honest, this is very fine town and far be it from me to complain about being in a place so filled with the hippy force. The Life Force. Vergil and Jessie live here now and so the Life Force will be just that much stronger. They fit right in with a place where the roses explode over the fences and the faces of the people are happy and pretty and where women wear darling red-headed babies on their backs like the finest kind of accessory. I mean not be cool enough but they sure are.

It's good, y'all. Lots of light, lots of love.

I'm so glad to be here.


  1. Ack, it looks gorgeous! Beautiful street!

    Stop poking the hippies, you :)

    Is Mr Moon intimidating his daughter's young man by taking his shirt off and being all tall and fit at him?

  2. Ohhh Mr Moon without a shirt! Scandalous! ha ha!

    The place looks great! Can't wait to hear more!

  3. I grew up in a hippie town.
    All good memories.

  4. A great big piece o' my heart lives in Asheville. Thanks for showing these pictures.

  5. looks like a great place- can't wait to see the improvements!


  6. Yes you ARE cool enough for Asheville ~ maybe even too cool!

    The place looks great, love the flowers in the window and the rosebush and the amazing windchimes from L & L and happy, shiny Jessie with the growly face and Vergil & Mr. Moon fixing up the living room and YOU showing and telling us all about it!

    Thank you ~ what a treat to see them in their new home:)

  7. I love Asheville. I love absorbing some of that hippie coolness. The only hippy thing we have going on here in southern California (with the exception of surfers) is dreaming of Berkeley. I think Asheville is North Carolina's Berkeley.

  8. I love that they are making the house their own home...and you and Mr.Moon are there to help. I imagine it will be so cozy and welcoming.

    Mr. Moon running around shirtless...oh, la, la!

  9. It's mean aunt Jessie! Thank you, Vergil for saying Ms. Moon needed to blog! God love you.

  10. There are lots of reasons why I like Asheville. The artsy, fartsy, hippie, dippie feel is one. The climate is the other. Have you been to the Screen Door yet? It is a neat gardening, art deco kind of place. I enjoyed strolling through and C. really likes the place. It is worth a look. Here is a link to the website:

  11. Ah that just looks like a perfect place. And they must having you both around to help them getting set up.

    I have read all your other back posts and am up to date but too pissed off with Blogger to comment right now. I think I need a walk to burn off some of the adrenaline. Have you checked yet if they have messed with your account?

  12. i love the memories you are all applying like a bright water colour wash of love over every inch of these new lives....


  13. Thanks for your report and the photos. The place sounds and looks great to me.

    I love y'all,


  14. Sounds like a place I'd like to be for sure. Light and hippies and great places to eat. Woo hoo! I bet they even have a cool music scene too don't they?

    The house looks great. Can't wait to see the before/after pix.

  15. Thanks to Syd's comment I just visited ScreenDoor's website. I hope you get to go there ~ 25,000 sq.ft. of really cool stuff!!!

    I didn't see any peonies, though.

  16. Oh....purty house. I'm bizarre but I LOVE moving and setting up house. Am a little addicted to it.

    Hey, if y'all get a chance hop over to the Biltmore Village - the historic part. Super pretty. The Corner Kitchen, which is housed in one of the homes built for a family of an estate worker, is amazing. And downtown Asheville is a dream, dream, dream. You're getting me excited for our little trip this weekend!

  17. Ms. Moon... I think you underestimate your coolness...

    this is all just so exciting..

  18. what a wonderful place to create a home. I'm sure they'll be very happy there.

  19. It looks so storybook pretty. I am sure they will fill that house with love and joy. And their own hippyness.

  20. Ms Moon you are cool enough for anywhere and that's the truth of it.

    What a lovely family time you all are having. This is what it is about. And that house will be all the more filled with love because you and Mt. Moon helped bring it. Lucky Jessie and Virgil. Lucky all of you. Lovely.

  21. Dearest Mary, I've missed you! I opened your blog and scrolled to the bottom without looking so I can read you posts in the right order. What am I like?

    Jessie and Vergil's home looks gorgeous. I'm sure they will make it their own in no time. I love the light and the big windows too.

    Bless Vergil for making you go and blog! Love you xx


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