Thursday, May 19, 2011

Embroidery Sampler, Home Is Where The Heart Is

Busy day today and here it is, again, too chilly to believe on May 19.
Me? I'm still not complaining about the chill. No way.

Mr. Moon and I are going to town to meet with the woman at the assisted living place where Mother is moving and then I'm going to Mother's to take her to the grocery store, maybe start helping her figure out what to keep what to let go.

Let go. Let go. Let go.

Then hurry home and wait for Owen who will be here all afternoon and for supper (both of his parents close at work tonight) and a bath and pajamas and then his daddy will pick him up.

A full day.

Jessie comes home tomorrow. She wants to be here for her sister's birthday party on Sunday, she is playing at a festival on Saturday. Lon and Lis are coming Saturday for the night.

Sunday is May's birthday party. She wants daddy-caught fish and greens and okra and tomatoes and key lime pie. And so it will be.

Full days and that's my list.

I bought a shirt at the Costco yesterday. Yes. A shirt. Okay. Next thing you know I'll be buying flip-flops at Publix along with the okra. I might wear that shirt today.

Last night I transplanted zinnias and two sunflowers in the garden. I made oat bran muffins and that broccoli. I slept and dreamed I was pregnant. "I'm fifty-six years old and I'm going to have a baby. I don't want to have a baby," I kept telling everyone. I was at a wedding and I kept eating huge slices of ham with my fingers. Slices as big as a palmetto fan.

At least I'm not pregnant. Not in real life.

There is no point here. Just that keeps rolling along. I wish I had tiny, sweet stitches of ruby and teal and emerald and gold to embroider it all up into a fancy pattern. I'm sure they're there, but my silver needle is lost in the stack of the strands of hay that is life and I'm too busy to sit and look for it, to find it, thread it, take that first stitch.

Yoko Ono has said that when one is running late, one should dress slowly.

I will keep that in mind. I will try to keep the pattern in my mind, too, even as I fly around, knowing there is meaning and that I must be part of it all.


  1. Yes - it's hard to find the beauty when you are running hither and thither. Yoko Ono has got it spot on - you're already late, take time and do it properly :-)

    Now, I must go and see if I can find my own silver needle and the odd scarlet and turquoise thread. Somewhere.

    Ali x

  2. Please tell May May I said Happy Birthday. Quite a week you have stacking up, kid. Makes me tired just reading about it, though I'm sure a lot of it will be fun.

    Love you so.

  3. Your life is so full it makes me want to fall down and roll around on my unmopped kitchen floor.

    flip-flops at Publix along with the okra

    The above sentence pleases me no end because it is entirely alien to my end of the map. We have no Publix and probably not much okra which I only ate once and was sorry. Flip-flops are flip-flops and I had a yellow pair with a yellow daisy in the middle that The Evil Orlando ate.


  4. Wow. So much of your experiences and feelings are so like mine. No wonder I feel such a kinship. Strange but true.

    Sometimes I have had that pregnant dream, same feelings with it too. After a while I realized that the one I am gestating and preparing to give birth to is myself.

    Change. Birth. Death. Life. As you say, it just keeps rolling on. Finding the sweetness in each moment is the thing, and you seem to be real good at that. I hope you get all the 'ham' you need.


  5. Have a wonderful weekend Ms Moon with your family and and friends wrapped comfortably and protectively around you... exactly what you need after the difficult week you've had.

    And yes, Yoko Ono was right. I once hurried out and was driving along the road, looked in the mirror to find I had only put make-up on one eye! And then there's the toothpaste moisturiser... I'm afraid the list goes on. Must. Slow. Down ;) x

  6. Happy birthday to May and I'm really happy Jessie will be there for the celebration!

    At the Cafe we were gifted every year with a 365-day Zen calendar. One of my most memorable sayings over the years was by Robert Frost, who said, "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."

    As you have basically just said;)

  7. Even when I am running horribly late and have piles of things to do I try to let one new thing open my heart each day.

    And a great mate is the very best treasure.~Mary

  8. Happy Birthday to May.

    I love your dreams! You are funny. I agree with Yoko. And I'm always late! xx

  9. Alison Cross- Thanks for coming by and joining in. Your blog is very intriguing. Must go back and sniff around some more.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Well, you know what they say- idle hands are the devil's workshop. Haha! I think the devil's workshop sounds like a fine place to play myself.

    Madame Radish King- I have been wearing flip-flops since early childhood. In fact, some of my earliest memories involve flip-flops. Now if I made you okra, you would like it. I am almost sure about that. You have to know how to do it. And I do.

    Invisigal- Yeah, I could understand everything about that dream but the damn ham. Weird.

    Sandy- If we rush, we always end up making time-wasting mistakes, don't we? Toothpaste moisturizer? Now that one I have never done.

    lulumarie- That Robert Frost was a wise one, wasn't he?
    Love you, baby.

    Christina- It stresses me out so much to be late! All right. I'll be honest. What doesn't stress me out?
    Love across the ocean...

  10. It sounds as if there will be some happy celebration there with May and Jessie around. Have a good time!

  11. I bought a pair of white Calvin Klein linen jeans one summer at Costco for $15, and I still wear them.

  12. You are simply awesome at explaining things.
    I am going to bookmark it because I know I will refer back to it again.


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