Saturday, May 7, 2011


Jessie went with me to the Opera House tonight. She moved back in fifteen minutes before I jumped in the shower to go.
"Can I go too?" she asked. We both wore black skirts, white shirts and red aprons. Finally, that matching mother-daughter outfit.

Everyone was nice tonight. We got those plates out fast. There were extra rolls. The play was great. I know who murdered whom. I think.

My girl was with me. She drove me home so I could have a drink after the show. We dried goblets together so that Ms. Georgia could maybe get home a little earlier. We giggled and we hugged a lot. I'm so glad she went with me. Every one at the Opera House was so happy to see her.
"When are you leaving?" Jack asked her.
"Monday," she said.
"I'm not sure we can handle that," said Jack.
"La-la-la!" I said, my fingers in my ears.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. The day after that she is leaving to head up to Asheville and I will be taking care of Owen and the day after that, Mr. Moon and I are driving up with her bed. And stuff. He and I are going to stay in a motel. I'm looking forward to that.

Let me tell you something- stay in love with your love. Your babies must leave. If you're lucky, you have someone to hold your hand when they do. Someone to hold you when they do.

Poor Owen. I'm going to have to kiss him even more. I'm going to have to smother him in kisses like a smothered chicken-fried steak. I'm going to have to put him in my empty back pocket.
Bless his little heart. He has no idea what he's in for.

My little feral monkey baby.

Poor Mr. Moon. I might have to love him even more. Poor my-other-babies. They might have to jump into my other pockets. It's no coincidence that I love overalls and cargo shorts with all those pockets.

Bless us all. Bless our hearts.

But you knew I'd say that.

Night-night, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. 'Night, mama, I'll see you tomorrow.

    WV: forcho. Indeed, I will see you forcho.

  2. DTG- We are going to make awesome pizzas! YAY! Love you, my dear boy. So very, very much.

  3. May I suggest that if you get the chance you eat at least one Asheville meal at Rosetta's? (I just googled the one word Rosetta's and the restaurant was the first hit. Take a peek..). I love that place So Much. It is a good, good place. It'll warm your heart.

    Asheville--well, my heart dwells in the Pisgah National Forest and I love Asheville and the surrounding areas so much. I have to say, she has picked a great, great place to move to--

  4. And blessings to you. Happy Mother's day.

  5. Have a lovely Mother's Day with those Grownkids of yours, you Good Mother you! x0x0 N2

  6. Happy Mother's Day, Mary :)

    I love that photo - your lipstick is just right!

  7. You didn't mention that Jessie had her hair in braids and looked all the world like a grown up Heidi! Gorgeous, as usual. We miss her already. Happy Mom's day! Love you, J&J

  8. X-Ray Iris- Looks great! We will!

    Birdie- Thank you so much.

    N2- Definitely! I hope you have a great one, too.

    Jo- Thanks, sugar. I do love my lipstick.

    Jan- She'll be back. She will. Yes. She will.

  9. Aw, will be thinking of you and your huge heart and filled pockets and the beautiful bird you taught to fly soaring.

  10. Dearest Mary, wise words indeed. Have a lovely time with Mr Moon xx

  11. Asheville is a cool town. I am sure that Jessie will like it. Take care as one flies the nest with those strong wings.

  12. What you said about having a love when the kids leave is so true. I see so many couples who, after the kids leave, have nothing in common and can't connect. I think it's sad.


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