Sunday, May 29, 2011

Facts You Can Use

1. Inglorious Bastards is a pretty good movie.

2. It's also a very long one.

3. Soy milk can do in a pinch if you don't have coconut milk and you want to make curried vegetables. Yum.

4. Staying up and reading until all hours is so ridiculous. But hey- I'm almost caught up on Vanity Fair! Now to attack the New Yorkers.

5. Dreams are just fucking weird. Add hormones to Lexapro and they get even weirder. And sexier. But damn. Even in my dreams nothing happens. Nothing. Shit. My moral boundaries are set in stone, bordered with concrete and razor wire. Even in my dreams.

6. I need to get to town if we're going to eat baked beans this evening. Town seems like a dream itself, as far away as a cinema in Paris, even though it's only ten miles down the road. I have become a hermit with Mr. Moon gone. It took one day. Suddenly my hair is completely nasty, my legs are those of a hairy beast, I have lost all my bras. I have to do some repair work before I go to the store or small children will scream at the sight of me, adults will avert their eyes and press their children's faces to their breasts.

7. That's not a lie.

8. Headline on the Tallahassee Democrat this morning:

FBI Seeks Public Aid In Outing Corruption
Bureau's Crackdown on Government Fraud Focuses on Tallahassee

9. WTF?
10. In other words- situation normal, all fucked up. SNAFU

And as always, the birds in my yard neither know nor care and as such, all is well.


  1. I do the beach bum thing every time that I am on the boat. No shaving, no shoes, no shirt.

  2. ha..tell me about i!!!

    working at home turns you into something that seems to belong into the zoo...i rarely shave at all when i dont go out...wear weird cherries out of the jar..wear my pj all day in and out...a while ago i gave a telephone interview for a literary my pjs!!!

    ps: i love vanity fair and the new yorker...

  3. Syd- But I'm not even at the beach!

    Danielle- Haha! I don't wear PJ's but my at-home clothes are just as comfortable, believe me. All cotton and linen and worn to threads.

  4. I'm the same I have on a dress that is an old Indian Cotton threadbare thing(about 25 years old)...haven't even combed my hair and I don't care. The chickens love me anyway!!

  5. I'm in my pajamas and a tee-shirt that is speckled with chocolate batter because my Kitchen-Aid mixer appears to have some stripped gears and won't stay on the low setting.

  6. i am in my pjs camped out in my room with the door closed because my daughter's test prep tutor is here and i am not yet dressed for the day. you are in good company mary moon.

  7. After 32 hours in pajamas I changed into clothes for the only good reason I could think of: breakfast at a restaurant that makes excellent chilaquiles.

  8. It is almost 4:00 in the afternoon here and I am still in my pajamas. I stayed up later than I will admit reading blogs. I have very curly hair and it is a knotted mess. And I am content.

  9. It's 5 PM and I want to go and put nighties on and my robe. Somehow we all need days to let go...and this is really hard for me to do. I just have a hard time doing that..

  10. Akannie- That's why I love my chickens. They just don't care.

    Elizabeth- OH NO! You've gotta get that fixed!

    Angella- Clothes are so overrated.

    Lisa- Makes perfect sense to me.

    Perezoso- Oh honey. I agree. Come back often and give us your thoughts.

    Birdie- Good!

    Ellen- We all do. But it's okay.

  11. Inglorious Basterds was OK.

    Sarcastic Bastard rocks.

  12. Yup, the birds know what's important.

  13. Over where I live, being hairy and going braless is a normal thing.

  14. I love not getting done up. You should see me today!! I keep meaning to watch Inglorious Bastards (or however they're spelling it!) Love you Mary Moon xx


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