Sunday, May 29, 2011

Long Day

Sometimes all you want in this world is a mother to wash your feet and hands and stroke your hair back from your face and turn your pillow to the cool side and help you into your nightie and lay you down and cover you up and kiss your face and say "Good-night. I love you."

I swear. Sometimes that is all you want.


  1. I don't think we ever stop wanting that. I cared for a lady in her 90's that walked up and down the hallway calling, "Mama? Mama?"

  2. Older than dirt and I still want betcha. Sigh.

  3. Of course. It's all we ever want, really.

    I do this nightly for my 85 year old mother. I know she didn't have a mom to do this for her as a child. I am happy to do this for her now.

    Then, if I remember, I do this for myself.


  4. I like doing this for me now. There is no mother anymore to do those things. I take care of me.

  5. That's exactly what I was thinking today. It can be hard being that for other people all the fucking time and not ever having it for yourself. So hard.


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