Thursday, May 26, 2011

In Which Prick Scott's Governorship Effects My Family

My son Hank just got notified that he's part of the cost-cutting measures being taken by our governor.
Meaning- he's out of work.
He works, okay, USED to work, for the Department of Children and Families which was already cut to the bone and just got cut even farther today. Into the bone. Into the marrow.


Children and Families.

It's not just our family which is going to be affected by this. Believe me.

Lots of children, lots of families.

The thing about working for the state here was never that it made you rich. Oh hell no. You work for the state on a lower-level job and you live paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes you get to the end of the month and can still make your phone payment. Sometimes you can't.
You had job security.
You had benefits.
You could go see a doctor if you got sick.

Speaking of sick, that's the way I feel.

Hank'll figure something out. He's a smart man. But my god, the hours he's put into that job, the promotions he was promised and never got as one position after another got simply eliminated.

And now- don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out.

Thanks, Prick Scott!

Now go have lunch with some of your big business cronies and tell them how well you're doing at getting Florida all set up for them to move in and take over with no taxes to pay and plenty of grease to make things all easy.

Just pray that neither you nor them will even need the services of the Department of Children and Families.
Because chances are good, no one's going to answer the phone if you do.

Meanwhile, another five hundred people are going to be applying for unemployment. Real good economic sense.

That's all I have to say about that.

For now.


  1. That sucks. He will find something. Hopefully quickly and hopefully he loves the job and it pays better.

  2. That's depressingly not shocking. I occasionally visit a conservative blogger from Texas who's always extolling these Republican governors who are "shaking things up," demanding sacrifice from bad, old teachers and other government workers. I visit for the reality check -- this is the way a hell of a lot of people in this country of ours think, and I find it repellent. I'm so sorry for Hank and hope that he finds work soon. It's so damn hard.

    And I, for one, look forward to more thoughts of the sort from you. As you know, I don't shy away from "politics" on a blog, and I love your riffs.

  3. Ah Jesus. I'm sorry---bonne chance to the next good thing for Hank.

  4. I'll make it. But yeah, I hope Florida politicians like not having any help for people struggling with mental illnesses, because guess what you just got rid of?

  5. That governor is one greedy corrupt asshole. If anybody's a candidate for needing mental help it would be him. Cocksucker.

  6. This sucks. We're going to be looking at lots more of this too.

  7. Oh no!

    Well, that moron can probably pay for private help if his family is ever in trouble. He probably has some ridiculous argument as to why this measure increased the freedom of the poor people over there.

    I'm sorry this happened.

  8. Oh, Hank, I am so sorry to hear that you're one of the latest victims of the worst governor in Florida history. I couldn't stand Jeb, wasn't crazy about Charlie, and want to throw up every time I think about Rick the Dick. What ever happened to sanity in this world? Oh, I forgot,it was unfunded!

  9. Nothing good can come from what I have to say about the Governor.

    If I hear of anything worthwhile for Hank, I'll let him know. For now, I'll just go spit on the picture of smiling Prick Scott in the hallway.

  10. Working for any government isn't the 'deal' it used to be, with salary freezes, lay-offs, defined benefit pensions and other post employment benefits (subsidized retiree healthcare) being slashed. Hank may want to look for a job in the non-profit sector instead of another gov't. job. Or, take the unemployment insurance in a lump sum and start a business. Good luck.

  11. I'm sorry his ass hattery is effecting you so directly. Hank, I'm sorry for you having to hunt and scramble and for all the people who are going to be doing the same because you are not able to help them anymore... and all the rest of the people laid off as well.

    I hope the govs days are numbered... in that I hope there is some way to impeach him for incompetency! sigh.

    Sending happy landing vibes your way, xo m

  12. All of you- Hank will be fine. He is smart and he is creative. It's not going to be easy but he'll figure it out. Lucy- no unemployment anything until he applies for plain old unemployment. He missed getting the simple benefits of receiving money for his unused sick and vacation leave by twenty days. And there you go.

  13. Sorry, Hank. I hope you find a new job you love real soon.

  14. I am so sorry for Hank's job loss. I know he will figure things out. He is your boy, after all. And I'm sorry for the families that need the services of the state.

  15. I am sorry. It sucks. And makes no sense!

  16. Oh that's awful! I'm sorry Hank is the victim of a another ridiculous Republican.

    I hope something good comes up for him very soon.

    My neighbour's just heard that she may lose her job at the local library where they do so many events for children. They always cut back on the wrong things but we still pay the same! xx


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