Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Owen's Here

Owen's been here since a little before six this morning but we went back to bed for quite some time.
We've let the chickens into their coop and fed them some bread and now we're having our smoothies.

Owen keeps wondering where Bop is. Me too. I miss that man.

Well, now the boy wants me to go outside with him.

Here I go.


  1. I like that shirt he is wearing.

  2. He looks like he just got out of bed. I want to kiss those sleepy, plump cheeks of his.

  3. What a little love he is! How lucky you are to have him near and often. And how lucky he is to have a soft warm place to land and sleep before 6 in the morning when Mom and Dad have to be out in the world!

    Teaching Owen about chickens and coops and how people go away and then come back again is big important work. There is none bigger or more important.


  4. Damn he is cute! How many times a day do you kiss that face?

  5. He's really growing. He might be as tall as Bop one day. Love you Mary. Have a lovely evening xx

  6. i love that sleepy child look, it takes me immediately back to the dreamy soft feel of my son's youth.
    beyond sweet.

  7. Syd- That's his pajama top. He still loves the Elmo.

    HoneyLuna- He was! I kissed him so many times today.

    Invisigal- He is learning way to quickly!

    Birdie- Millions.

    Christina- He may be as tall as Bop. We'll have to wait and see. I'm tired tonight!

    rebecca- The best. Just the best.


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