Friday, May 27, 2011

This Is Not Very Esoteric

Good morning and Owen is here and I overslept and I have already spilled a smoothie in the refrigerator and right now Owen and Jessie are upstairs and all I can think about is the dozens of ant bites I have on my hands and arms and I don't know if you've ever had a Florida ant bite but they make like this little pus pocket. An ant pimple. And you just want to pop them and at my age, they turn into little blood blisters if you do that.

Yeah. That's me today.

It's going to be a long, long day.


  1. someone's got a case of the ant-bite-smoothie-spilled-wtf-it's friday-blues; have a mimosa.

  2. i was once almost eaten alive by ugly mean big red forest ants....evil ugly creatures....

  3. Good morning, Ms. Moon! I don't know ant bites but I do know Caribbean mosquito bites. Hugs.

  4. It will be a long day for me, too, because I want out of here for the holiday weekend so badly.

    Sorry you have ant bites all over. Drag.

  5. Good morning. Same here -- not the ant bites, but the long, long day. So much so that I'm going to periodically post photos of the best thing about the day -- the peonies I bought at Trader Joe's. Stay tuned.

  6. Oh, geez. Do they go after everyone or just you? Mosquitoes love me but stay away from my kids.

  7. Ms Moon, very sorry to hear about your day. Mine hasn't started too well: no electricity in half the house, including the hot-water service. But the microwave's working, so I've just warmed up some peas for the chooks. They're happy, so I'm happier.

  8. Magnum- Yo boy. When I want an early morning alcoholic beverage I go straight for the bloody mary. Which hasn't happened in forever. But the day has turned out okay.

    Pieces of Me- Ants are the creatures which make this planet what it is. Still doesn't mean I like them.

    Angella- Caribbean mosquitoes- are they different from the ones we have here? If so, they itch me for a moment, then disappear. I'm a tropical girl. Or...subtropical.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- They don't bother me so much, they just look really sick.

    Elizabeth- You got it, Mama.

    Birdie- Red ants just bite whatever they come in contact with. They do not discriminate.

    DTG- You know what I'm talkin' 'bout.

    Nigel- What is it about our chickens? I don't know but I swear- my mental health depends on mine.

  9. I've never seen ant bites on anyone I know. Goodness... I'm all itchy now. I hope you get over them quickly.

  10. Yes, we have those fire ants here too. I generally get bitten on the foot. They put formic acid in the bite which makes it itch.

  11. Angie- After a few minutes, they don't itch at all. Or very much.

    Syd- I'd far rather be bothered by ants than those damn deer flies.

  12. Ahhh, bless you and your ant bits. Love you Mary xx


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