Wednesday, May 18, 2011

That's Me In The Corner

Ms. Grady Doctor posted a remarkable (not for her, though- all her posts are amazing) post which included a video of REM's song Losing My Religion.
She posted a version that she could embed but I want to put in the link for the original video because I think it is a beautiful work of art and it always makes me cry.
Embedding is not allowed but if you want to go see it, here it is:

I know you know the song. But if you want to see it, hear it again, just click.
And you know- mandolin.


  1. Awww, Sister Moon. 'preciate the nod. It's funny how we feel some of the same songs. Promise to tell us the story of how "Here Comes The Sun" saved your life?

    Thought of you when I posted that post. Wondered what you would have said and felt happy when you commented.

    Yes, Syd--R.E.M. Is great. And Sister Moon, you know I tried the real video first and was so sad when I couldn't embed it. The live version was still gnarly, though.

    Night night.

  2. That melody -- how does that happen, I wonder? You know -- the type melody that takes one back and then back again to oneself?

  3. One of my absolute favorite songs, and that video is amazing. I remember when it first appeared on MTV and I was mesmerized. Still am.

  4. Syd- Aren't they?

    gradydoctor- No. Thank YOU! And yes, I loved the live version. I watched the whole thing. I think I probably have told the story of how that album saved my life but I'll do it again some day. I promise.

    Elizabeth- Because music is magic. That's how.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Ain't it? Dang.

    Terena- Me too!


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