Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It Was A Very Good Day To Die

Tucked up in the bed she died in.

Owen and his mama, playing in the sun. Zeke watching.

Beautiful boy.

Ruby red cowboy boots.

Wren eggs in motorcycle helmet.

The grave. Candle from Mexico, bricks found in the dirt, seashells and late-blooming wisteria.


The meal.

Owen, so very happy because he has made a bed for himself and Aunt May-May. He dragged those blankets into the dining room himself. He is so in love.

Pearl was part of this family. She always will be. And that's why she was a very, very lucky dog and quite possibly, the longest-living boxer in history. Well, the family and all the venison.
Who knows?
Not me.

P.S. This has nothing to do with Pearl. But. May's Mother Day present to me.

I may not sleep for days.
What a day.
What a day.


  1. I am glad that she is at peace. And that she lived so long. I understand the relief.

  2. That video was so sweet. Esp the hug at the end.

    Nice gift, May!

  3. Good life, good death, good day, good dog.

  4. Fantastic gift by May. I'm glad you all were together today.

  5. A beautiful family celebrating life just as they should.

    Love the video. Sweet dreams to you Ms. Moon.

  6. I was so hoping that you would put some pictures of the grave on the blog, but better than that you gave us a video. Thank you so much. It's been a weird day, grieving so far away, but having these pictures, stories, and video really help.

    I had forgotten about Pearl getting up on he roof and how she would play ball all by herself. But I think her favorite game ever was being chased by us kids. Like when I was trying to get my stuffed Barney back from her, she became giddy with happiness to be chased with that thing in her mouth. Then she would play tug-o-war with it. She loved Barney. :)

  7. Heaven needs an angel with a wet nose. Thank you Pearl.

  8. Bless Pearl and her sweet, blessed family! I loved hearing all of ya'll's sweet voices.

  9. Smiling now and thinking of you all. What a beautiful family.


  10. Bless your sweet Moon hearts one and all. Pearl surely earned her wings in this family. Love you. N2

  11. Sending you a big hug. x

    And what a perfect present! Read by Johnny Depp - well, I'm speechless.

  12. Bitter-sweet memories. Incredibly sad, but the kindest thing to do. The video of you all... what can I say? Your beautiful family remembering your precious Pearl with smiles and laughter. Bless all your hearts Ms Moon x

  13. Hugs to everyone .
    Good -bye Pearl.

  14. Thaks for letting us share in your celebration of Pearl's life. You did it right. I loved the video most of all, she was a funny dog! I loved hearing all your voices, and Jessie's comment did me in.
    Hope you're not too melancholy today. She had a good run and you loved her well.

  15. Syd- I know you understand.

    Stephanie- He is such a good hugger, that boy.

    A- That nails it.

    SJ- Oh. I know. I'm so lucky.

    Mel's Way- Funny you should mention my dreams....

    HoneyLuna- We were talking about how much Pearl loved Barney and held on to that purple dinosaur long after you had given it up. We wished we had had one to bury with her. We missed you SO much. But you were there with us. I love you, baby.

    Omgrrrl- You remember her. Man, she was old.

    Elizabeth- We're southern, aren't we?

    Invisagal- Glad to know who you are, at least a little. Please- come by anytime. You are so welcome here.

    N2- She was pretty entertaining for a long, long time.

    Mwa- I feel like I am about to dive into a pound of heroin. Or something. It's almost scary.

    Jo- I have the sweetest babies, don't I?

    Sandy- Thank-you. Thank you.

    deb- She deserved a good death. She did.

    Mel- I know. It's funny how much a pet can mean so much to a family. So odd. But so true.

  16. Oh Sister Moon. . . .sigh. That's all I have. No, that and a hug. Lucky Pearl.

  17. gradydoctor- Part of my puppy mafia who will NOT be coming home. Well, not to this one, anyway. Thanks for the hug, Sister Doctor.

    DTG- Me too.

  18. That is such a sweet video and I love May's gift! Pearl sure did have a good life with all of you. What a wonderful dog! By the way, I hope we get to see pictures of those baby wrens once they hatch.

  19. I figured this would make sweet Jessie homesick. It makes me homesick, and I've never even been to Lloyd.

    PEARL'S! grave is a fine one. Well done.

    The photo of her gives me the BIG TENDER-HEARTED SADS.

    I love all of you dear Moon-Thigpens of Lloyd, Tallahassee, and lately of Asheville.


  20. Oh wow, I feel really honored that you shared that video with us. That was a special gift. I know it must've been a little awkward for everyone to be recorded. Yet it really touched me deeply. First off your family is all so beautiful and joyful, and their voices are all like music. Wow. But the whole remembering and tribute was about the sweetest most perfect thing ever.
    I bet that meant a lot to Jessie.
    You are all too darn sweet for words.
    Thank you for including us.

  21. Dearest Mary, love your photos, love Pearl's grave, love the video. What a beautiful family you have. Jus wonderful. Love you xx

    PS. Of course I'm still holding the other end xx

    PPS. Love the ruby cowboy boots and I adore Keith too.

  22. My eyes squinch up, but my heart expands.

  23. My Dear Mary,
    It's 10:30 on a Friday night here in Buttfuck, Ohio, and I finally got my old laptop out here at home to watch the Pearl memorial video. I can't tell you how much it made me smile to see my adoptive family all together and reminiscing. I love y'all so much. Thanks for posting this.


  24. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Imagine my surprise at getting this comment on a Friday night! I love you so much. I miss you too.
    Dang. I wish you were here. Your family loves you.


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