Monday, May 16, 2011

Buddha's Lap Is Full Of Flowers

Which seems to amuse him no end.

The squashes are about ready to start to pick and the yellow cherry tomatoes burst under the tooth to explode like sugar. Almost too sweet, if that is possible.

The big tomatoes are green and shiny and looking so good, some of them begging to be sliced now and dipped in egg and milk and flour and salt and pepper and then fried so that their sweetness can be released to the tongue.

Every year I try different sorts of eggplants. This one decide.

It seems to me that nature has a few themes she especially likes and uses again and again.

For example, the shape of the fig.

The weather today is insane. It's never, ever this cool in North Florida in the middle of May. Never.
But it is now.

I feel as if I am in some strange vortex of another world which looks very much like the one I am used to but somehow, is not and I hate this feeling. Everything is blooming, opening itself to the sun and the clean, cool air and if I could, I would sit here all day, or maybe, even better, crawl back into the bed and make a warm cave there, or a tent, as Owen calls it when we pull the covers up over our heads with the giant bear, the books, and Zeke stays watch as we disappear into that other small world which we have made.


  1. Yes, it's good there.

    At least things are growing.


  2. The penis shaped egg plant is a good one. Nature does like that shape.

  3. FIGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!


    ps. Thinking of Pearl now every day.

  4. Jo- Some things are, at least, and yes, that is a comfort.

    Syd- Ha! I thought the coloring and detail looked womanly...just goes to show.

    Madame Radish King- Thank-you, sweet woman.

    DTG- I love you too.

  5. What are those flowers in Buddha's lap? My grandpa used to plant those. They take me right back to being 4 years old.

  6. I'd like to climb into that little cave with you and Owen. I'm feeling much the same as you, today, Ms. Moon, and we have strangely cool and even rainy weather which is highly unusual in Los Angeles in May!

  7. i too am speaking the language of opening oneself.

    thank you for always unfastening my heart to simple truths, perfect beauty, say the shape of the fig, the timber of your thought filled voice.

  8. I continue to be in awe of how fast growing your garden is. We just planted tomatoes 2 weeks ago. It is so cool, rainy that goodness knows if and when they will really grow and produce! The weather is so like last year of being unseasonably cool that it may be well into August before I get to harvest those plants. On the other hand the flowers are enjoying some coolness and are blooming happily!

    Oh and hiding under the sheets...heaven...

  9. Ms. Moon, I ate my first Little Yeller tomatoes standing right in the garden the other day and they were just .... so perfect and delicious!

  10. I feel like a ripe fig. Swollen full of fig juice!

    The weather is grand and insane. I've NEVER experienced a spring like this one. There must be some broken weather records going on... there must be!

  11. We've had unseasonably cool (and very welcome) weather too.

    Gorgeous photos! There's nothing better than eggplant and tomatoes fresh from the garden.

    Texans do a cornmeal crusting on their fried green tomatoes.

  12. It's sho cold here in southcentral Kentucky. We do have the garden planted (corn, tomatoes, etc.) but the rain and clouds seem to want to hang around.

  13. Your garden is way ahead of us here, where we have only just transplanted the tomato plants. I am hoping for at least a couple of gold cherry tomatoes when the grand son comes to visit in June. You and the Mister are really good gardeners. x0 N2

  14. Stephanie- They are impatiens. Very common here. They grow well in shade.

    Elizabeth- Here. Crawl in. Room for you, my dear.

    rebecca- I will be thinking of that film trailer clip you posted today for a very long time. I hope I see the movie, too.

    Ellen- Well, it IS Florida, you know. And before long, the heat, weeds and bugs will render our garden a wasteland while yours will still be beautiful.

    Kati- Not a one of ours has gotten as far as the house yet. I think that is as it should be.

    Ms. Fleur- I think a heat record was hit here while we were gone. Now this!

    Kathleen Scott- That coating varies here. I like a mixture of both the flour and cornmeal but I think Panko might just be the best. I need to try that.

    Deb- Strange spring all around.

    N2- I don't know that we're such good gardeners. Some years are just better than others. This, so far, is a good one.

  15. I dig your Buddha. His expression is sublime.


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