Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yeah, It's Spring

Oh my.
Oh, oh, oh my.
As I just wrote to Ms. Bastard-Beloved in an e-mail, it may well be the most gorgeous day in the entire world history of gorgeous days here in Lloyd.

Temperature? Perfect.
Light? Abundant and without hindrance.
Blossoms? Present and standing at attention

Yeah. It's fine, y'all.

Did you know that when dogwoods first open, they are not the startlingly white that they will become? No. They are practically lime green.

I know. Fascinating, right?

Did you also know that before the wisteria busts open into it's giant, grape-like clusters of grape-Kool-Aid scented blossoms that it looks like this?

Bees do. But that's their job to know.

Did you know that petunias can last all year in an old diaper pail pot and then, without warning, come alive and do this?

I didn't.

Well, I don't have much to say today. I have four day's worth of work to try and get done in about two hours before Owen comes. Plus take a walk.
I am so tired of not fitting into my clothes. It is spring and I want to shed winter's weight.
Oh fuck. Who am I kidding? This is last spring's weight plus last summer's weight plus last fall's weight....

And here's a random question- why is it okay in books by male authors for old dudes to be seduced by very young women? And does this really happen in real life? Do men who are in their seventies get surprise blow-jobs by eighteen year old girls?
And if so, is the situation ever reversed? So to speak. Not if old women give surprise blow-jobs to eighteen year old boys but if eighteen year old boys ever give surprise... okay. You know.

Just checking to see if you're awake. But I would really like to know. Just out of curiosity. I'm not looking for one.

And one more thing.

Did you send me this book?
Someone told me they were going to send me a book and I CAN'T REMEMBER WHO!
I am old. I actually told Owen yesterday that a dandelion was a daffodil. Poor thing. He'll be confused for life.
But he will know you can blow their little seeds to the wind. Puff, puff...gone.

Anyway, if you did send me that book, THANK-YOU! I can't wait to read it. I will take it to Dog Island when I go on Thursday.

Golly, I am lucky.

I may not get surprise blow-jobs by eighteen year olds but I do get surprise books. Which, at my age, is much, much more appreciated.

Bless, bless.

Ms. Moon


  1. As far as older men be seduced by 18 year olds -- sounds like a fantasy to me.

  2. It wouldn't happen. Men, and our society in general, are too fucking ageist. Well, it might happen in France, maybe. They have sense over there.

    Love you!

    Good morning, Steph! We are clearly the early birds today.

  3. Indeed, and I meant to say nice spring pictures too.

    That photo up top of Owen makes me think of Lily. Do you see her in him especially there?

  4. Surprise Book jobs! Nice!

    I think there's definitely a Mrs Robinson age, but I don't think it stretches too far past .. 60? Maybe that's pushing it, I dunno.

    I don't know about the other thing either. Rich old men, maybe. Meh.

  5. I did not send this book but I have read it and loved it. It will make you smile and make you laugh! I have a very old copy that was given to me and I in turn have given copies to others. For awhile it was hard to find in print.

    And mystery of nature... or the magic...all good....and all a gift. As usual you are ahead of us in Spring flowering. Our wisteria is still in dormant sleep. Though the flowering plum is pink, the Japanese flowering cherry is as well asleep...but soon they will too be bursting with flowers...

  6. we have a bunch of wisteria over the front porch, and I can't wait for it to bloom! We're a few weeks behind you though, the forsythia is barely blooming yet.

  7. Oh, Mary.....you are funny.....

    It's me..... Lo of "It's Always Something" who sent you the wonderful Gerald Durrell book to keep you from reading that depressing stuff that got you down a week or so ago.

    I have been patiently waiting to hear if it arrived and I am so glad it did and that you announced it on your blog.

    There was no way I could get an identifying note into it since I ordered it on-line from the used books dept. Sorry about the mystery, but delighted that you have it and are planning to read it on your little trip. I DO hope you get some great laughs out of it.

    Love, Lo

  8. Stephanie- I think you're right. A very COMMON fantasy. Unless there's a lot going on that I don't know about. And yes, Owen looks a lot like his mama.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- France. Hmmmm....

    Jo- Uh, I think the Mrs. Robinson thing ends about forty-five. Seriously.

    Ellen- So good to have a glowing review. Thanks!
    Your spring will come and we'll be sweltering.

    Lo- Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! Okay. Now that I have read the little blurb about the author, I recognize that it is the one you were talking about. You are so sweet to send me this gift of words that will no doubt delight me. Again- thanks. You are just a joy in my life. Love...M

  9. ah, ms. moon, the important questions always tickle the senses. tee hee.

    give me my 50 something year old any day.

  10. I have some books to send you.
    I will get around to it some day.

    Thanks for the lime green dogwoods.
    And everything else.

  11. i am your petunia in the old enamel pot. this spring i am even surprising myself.

  12. Angella- Yes! Our men are our men and they are everything.

    Bethany- You are welcome for the lime-green dogwoods!

    rebecca- Well now, that makes me mighty happy.

  13. Dear Ms Moon, I agree there is a Mrs Robinson age but as for the old men/blow jobs thing - I think they live in hope! Love, C xx

  14. I saw old Hugh Hefner on TV the other day being interviewed. He was with his young fiance. So, yes, I suspect that there are old men getting something from much younger women. Money can buy a lot of things including BJs.

  15. Hugh Heffner comes to mind. No rich man is old or ugly. It's a saying in my country.

  16. Christina- Oh yes. Men always live in hope. Bless their hearts.

    Syd- You got that right.

    Angie M- Great saying and totally true.

  17. today two of my trees burst out into little lime green flowers just like yours, and I remembered this post and came back to check..so I guess I have two dogwood trees! Yay for internet garden knowledge! (I'm trying to figure out the names of all my trees/plants- I've been keeping records of their fall colors and spring flowers to try to figure them all out- so you totally helped me out here! And with the Camellia too!).

    Our wisteria is also getting huuuuge buds, not quite as big as yours in these pictures yet, but at least 2 inches long now and the tips are starting to turn purple.

    I didn't know the spring after buying a house would be this exciting! My neighbor tells me the previous owner planted a lot of flowers...so far we have daffodils, tons of tiny purple and blue flowers, and a bunch of mystery flower leaves are coming up, can't wait to see what they are!


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