Monday, March 7, 2011

Grandmother And Owen

Oh my. The adventures we've had already.
He's down for a nap.
Guess what?
Me too.

He is so beautiful to me. He is my joyous boy.


  1. you're both adorable.
    I need a nap too, didn't sleep a wink it felt like.
    pushing books all day, could be worse.
    love ya!

  2. He is beautiful. No doubt.

    Have a great nap!

  3. I wish I could look as good in the morning!

  4. What a smile the little man are a lucky lady to have his joyfulness today!

  5. Love your new banner. Those cheeks! I want to pinch them, like an old woman.

  6. Love the picture of Owen at the top of your page!

  7. He looks so much like Lily!!!

    Thanks so much for the hydrangeas. You inspired me to pick some camillias also and make a nice arrangement for the kitchen window.

    Was really great to see you for a bit. Happy you and Peer are back together!

  8. Lois- He is. He really is.

    Bethany- You are right. Could be worse.

    Angella- Indeed!

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- It wasn't a great nap but it was at least a nap. There is much to say just for that.

    Mel's Way- He looks as good in the morning as any other time. Well, he IS a baby.

    Ellen- I kissed him one million times. I counted.

    rebecca- See above!

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I just kiss them. Over and over and...

    Lora- Those eyes. Bless him.

    Ms. Fleur- Nice little visit. I was glad to see you, honey pie.

  9. He has a really characterful face!

  10. He has a really characterful face!

  11. Oh shall I say it once again? His face is really characterful!

    Bloody computers Grrrrrrr!

  12. Gledwood- Honey, you can't say that too much for my taste. Thanks for stopping by! Perhaps my country bumpkin grandmother posts can help to soothe your jumpy skin. Or at least bore you into sleepiness.

  13. Too cute for words ~ both of you!

  14. Dear Ms Moon, you are amazing and Owen looks totally adorable. I only wish I had the balls to have one but at 42 I really can't face it. I have such a lot of peace, I love my life as it is xx

    PS. Can you get BBC iPlayer over there? I wondered if you'd watched the show with Miriam Margolyes?

  15. PS. I'm so glad Henry Normal made you smile. Thought you might like this, the first poem I discovered by him.

    Much love xx

  16. Lulumarie- When I was putting on Owen's clothes today and reaching into his diaper bag for choices, he found the tie-dye shirt you sent him and said, "Uh-huh." He loves it.

    Christine- "No more calling it a 'menage a trois' when you mean is three people shagging..."
    I love that!
    Not everyone on earth needs to have children. I believe that with all my heart. And I have no idea if I can get BBC iPlayer. Probably. But I watched the clip and I have a new idol.

  17. Christina- You know what? I love poetry that I can understand. And this:
    "but at night I hear the pillows
    weeping into the sheets."?
    Oh yes.

  18. I took a huge nap today. My body said enough and I listened.

  19. Syd- And isn't it a blessing to be able to do that?

  20. He is so beautiful and looks so much like his mommy.


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