Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Walk

I offer these without comment except to say- it is what it is.


  1. Truly remarkable photos -- and the one of you and your clear blue eyes lends new meaning to the expression "one foot in the grave" -- sort of turns it "upside the head" --

  2. Wow. Loved all but the trash and bone pics. The world is a mysterious place, full of contradiction, beauty and ugliness. Your blue eyes are striking and part of what's lovely. How interesting to lay at the headstone - is that one special or did it just call to you? I've always liked the idea of visiting with the long ago departed, to honor their lives in even a small way. Thanks for taking us on your walk.

  3. Wow - those bones are from...alligators? Deer? I'm guessing not human, or they wouldn't be strewn around above ground like that.

  4. What kind of critter is that skeleton?

  5. I LOVE the graveyard pictures; perhaps I am twisted but they always make me feel happy and peaceful. So do you.

  6. Elizabeth- I felt like a high-school photography class student taking those pictures but I really wanted to do it.

    Mel- Trash and bones are part of my walk. I liked that headstone because it's old and also, there were no prickly plants growing on the grave.

    Jo- That's my walk every day.

    Amna and DTG- Deer. Check out the hooves.

    Kori- I know you love 'em. I thought about you when I was taking them.

  7. taking a study break and cruising my fav blogs. These images were exactly what I needed. Thank you

  8. What are the bones?

    Also - last time I'm going to say this: if you're going to let your hair grow out, maybe you could dye the red a light brown, that way it won't be such a contrast.

  9. your eyes are so blue.
    sky blue.
    little freaked out by you near the grave stone, but yeah, it is what it is.
    what kind of bones? they look human!

    help me think of a name for a new blog, pretty please?

  10. seriously, there are stories everywhere!

  11. Terena- I'm glad you came and walked with me for a bit.

    Lucy- Deer bones. Honey, it's just hair. I'll figure it out.

    Bethany- I was pretty much staring at the sun, thus the eye color. Deer bones. A blog name? Mmmmm. "Thepieceofshittheworldrevolvesaround"? No. That's mine and not appropriate AT ALL!
    How about Precious Girl Who Yearns?

    rebecca- And I ponder them deeply.

  12. will you get baby way that steering wheel thingy by the couch pillow on your next walk?

  13. I have to admit that my first response was shock at the picture of you. I guess that's what you were going for though so good job.

    So did anyone see you lying around in the cemetary or do the locals just look and say "Oh, that Mary is up to it again."?

  14. Ms. Trouble- It ain't all flowers and hawks.

    Daddy B- I was seriously thinking when I first saw that stuff that I could take the Elmo home and wash it for O but then I thought maybe it was a crime scene and I shouldn't disturb it.

    Mel's Way- That little cemetery is so hidden. No one ever goes there as far as I know except a few times a year to cut the weeds.

  15. Dear Mary, great pictures. The deer bones are amazing! I couldn't work out what they were.

    As Lucy's mentioned your hair, if it's possible I'd do it an ash blonde if it would work, then you wouldn't notice regrowth but you'd have to ask a hairdresser if it would cover the red.

    Anyway, I loved your walk xx

    PS. You should change your comments to pop out because then people can refer back at the post when commenting.

  16. So cool. I love graveyard sites like that. Creepy but comforting all at the same time. And can I tell you, I just love that bottle. I collect old bottles (I don't have many, but when I come across them...). I had to go back to the bones 3 times just to make sure I saw what I was seeing.

    Thanks for these.

  17. A great place to photograph. Old graveyards fascinate me. I think those photo safaris of your own area are great. Teeming life and lovely photos are all around us.

  18. I was wondering about the bones as well. Do you think they were eaten by something?

  19. I also love the bottle in window framed by leaves of green. And the first one of you, WOW, those stunningly blue eyes so full of love and wisdom. Although you are not old, those are the eyes of an old soul.

    wv "upgative" somehow seems appropriate...

  20. You have the prettiest eyes.

    I love the old graveyard.

    Thanks for sharing your walk with those of us trapped in a damn office building, making a dying.


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