Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Senior Discount Day At Goodwill, Plus...Lunch!

Thinking about taking your toddlers to Disney World?
Forget it!
Take them to Goodwill instead! It's free! And the fun is limitless!

Here's Owen on some heavy equipment. Are boys just born knowing how to run that shit? I think so.

He moved on to the pushing of a stuffed animal in a stroller. He was very intent about this.

I especially liked it when he backed up. But no, he did not go "beep-beep-beep." I thought he would but he didn't.
Oh! Did you notice his new haircut? He looks so old now! Like, he'll be growing a beard next week.

Jessie has a gift for finding great things to try on at the Goodwill. This was today's top choice of delight. What do you think?

Vergil- this one's for you. Don't you think she looks like some sort of super-hero? Maybe Beach Cover-Up Woman? Yeah!

And this is why Owen follows her around saying, "Butt, butt."
I'm not even kidding you.
(Sorry, Jessie. It had to be done.)

On to lunch.

Owen and Meir-Meir. I am now washing my hair with regular shampoo and letting the red go. It's been fun but...

Mommy, Jessie, and Owen.

Eating a grilled cheese with his Uncle Hank. I love how they're both rocking the plaid.

After lunch. Owen with his "You talkin' to ME?" face on. Or maybe it's a "What the hell are you TALKIN' 'bout?!" face. I don't know. But it's funny. It cracks us up.
Isn't his mama pretty?

Parting is such sweet sorrow.
May. We missed you so much. Next time! Now get well soon! We love you!

And that's what I did today and must now go lay down. This much fun is exhausting.


  1. Definite thumbs up for the haircut.

  2. I like how sly he looks in the last picture, whereas really he is just looking at a TRUCK.

  3. What a great day Ms. Moon...you are a lucky lady!
    Don't ya just love thrifting.

  4. Thanks Ma. Yes, he knows me as, "Butt, Butt". :)

    Today was so much fun. I love shopping at goodwill with you guys, and of course eating too.

  5. I agree with the other children, it was the best of times! I love you and thank you for being there and being a senior.

  6. Stephanie- He looks like a little man.

    DTG- TRUCK!!!!

    Lisa D- I am the luckiest lady. Of all.

    HoneyLuna- Better "Butt-Butt" than "Butthead."

    Lily- My pleasure, my dear love.

  7. magnificence in every way! So FUN!

    Yes, the haircut is very mature and Jessie and her butt butt are lovely and quite super hero-ie!

    Love all of youz!

  8. Another fun day in the life... you deserve a good rest.

  9. First I noted the new photo header of the awesome frog! Then I looked at Owen in the first photo and thought he must have had a haircut and look how just a bit of trim can change his look. Oh goodness, how fast he is growing...

    What a gift to have lunch with your kids...I wish mine all lived even a little close. I have to wait for holidays it seems. Two are just too far away... :(

  10. such fun pics!
    you guys are so great.
    love O's what the hell face.

  11. Dear Mary, Owen is adorable. I love the picture of him pushing the stroller. The new haircut is a triumph! Much love xx

  12. Owen is growing up so stinking fast. I remember when he was just a tiny little newborn and now? Pushing strollers and working heavy machinery!

  13. Christina- Lily said that by the time the hair-cutter got to the back of Owen's head he was OVER IT! But it looks good. My little grandboy.

    Rebecca- I know!

  14. Now that was a fabulous day! You and your babies, happy. Perfection.

  15. Seems like a great day to me. I will have to check out Good Will locally!

  16. The Moon Family knows that it is the simple things that are fun. Jessie looks very fetching in that strange hoody. Must be the Butt, Butt =o). Lily is such a beautiful mother! And Hank, just the kind of Uncle you want to meet for a grilled cheese. Love to you All. N2

  17. A beautiful family. Love the haircut. And I love that he's not at Disney World. All sorts of people are going there right now.

    I have never been to your fair state, and I don't want my first visit to be the Fucking Mouse.

  18. I so enjoyed the photos. Such an adorable family. Thanks for sort of taking us along to lunch and to the Goodwill.

    Owen looks so grown-up with his new haircut.

    Love you,


  19. Ah god, people. I love how you've made a trip to Goodwill more fun than Disneyworld. You're all so adorable. I LOVE that photo of Lily and Owen, he does look ready for a beard alright. So big!

  20. Angella- Just goes to show- it doesn't matter WHAT you do, as long as you're having fun.

    Syd- Man, you can get ALL KINDS of good stuff there. Seriously.

    N2- We tickle ourselves, I'll tell you that.

    Nancy C- Well, Disney World has its place but...Florida is SO much more.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I take you everywhere! I should go out more so I'd have more places to take you. Love you truly.

    Jo- I keep saying it- my little MAN!


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