Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Spillover

Wisteria is an invasive, as is the honeysuckle. Wisteria can grow dozens up feet up into the air, its vine wrapping itself around a tree. It can take a tree down. It can make your heart leap as far into the air as its purple reaches. It can make your world smell like heaven.

I can't help it. I love it.

I love the honeysuckle, too.
Is there a more beautiful word than suckle?

Good morning. How is it where you are?
It is beautiful here. Click on this:

Thank-you. And you're welcome.

I cleaned last night until...I don't know. Barely dented it.
Then I made supper. With biscuits. Don't ask me why.

Mr. Moon went out into the garden when he got home and got those tomatoes in the ground and worked the earth and pulled some weeds and when he finally got in he was tired and I was so happy to feed him.

I'd roiled the waters of marriage yesterday when I asked him to bring me enough potting soil home to fill that hollow log and then, when he said that really, we should just use yard-dirt and that he'd get around to filling it for me, I said something snippy about "his priorities."

We've been married for twenty-six years so things like that don't become big blow-ups like they might in the early days of a relationship when you're trying to figure out whose corners are whose and you have to pee in them repeatedly to claim them.
Nah. You just say what you say and then you feel bad and hopefully he doesn't feel too bad and you go on.

But I could tell I'd hurt his feelings. He tries so hard to make me happy. And I do the same for him but sometimes what makes the other person happy just doesn't seem so very important to you, you know. Priorities.

So after dinner (and he washed the dishes!), he brought me the flashlight and said, "Now come here." Then he took me out to the porch and shined the light on the hollow log out by the fence and said, "How are you going to keep the chickens out of that?"

I took a glance at the log in the darkness and shrugged and said, "I'm not worried about it," and turned to go back into the house and he said, "No, look."

And I did and he'd filled it with dirt.

I'm so glad I made him biscuits.
I'm so glad he had clean sheets to sleep on.

He made me cry, that man.

I'm going to run to town to buy impatiens of all colors and we are down to one martini glass and that is an emergency, especially with company coming.

Owen's coming later and he can help me plant. Oh boy! His first planting experience! He's going to need a bath tonight.

And then my old friend Kerry is coming. I've known him since high school. He was my senior year prom date. He gave me Bob Dylan. I gave him the Rolling Stones.

I'm listening to Bob Dylan's Chronicles on tape as I clean and although I've read it before, I'm enjoying it again. I took special note last night when I heard that Dylan's only real confidante in his younger days was his grandmother. She was wise and she listened and she gave him good advice.
His grandmother.

Okay. Wisteria, honeysuckle, love, marriage, grandparents, Dylan, The Rolling Stones, High School prom.

I think we've covered the bases here.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Aw, dad is so sweet. What are you going to plant in the log? I wish we were going to lunch today.

  2. DTG- He's the sweetest. I swear. I'm going to plant ferns and impatiens in there. Too much shade for anything else. I wish we were going to lunch too. Maybe on Thursday or Friday? Lily's off then. We could all go with the boy. I love you!

  3. Ah Spring... It's coming over here. I can feel it. We have some green leaves, some blossoms. Not nearly as much as you've got yet, but it's coming.

    (I think we're still pissing in the corners this week. I thought, after nearly seventeen years together, that we'd stopped that, but then along came some sleep deprivation and there we are again. I just hope neither of us says anything we can't take back.)

  4. it's overcast, it will continue to rain and that gives my back a break from weeding!
    i love wisteria too and am so happy to see buds after thinking the gophers had feasted on it's roots and killed it dead.

  5. Biscuits, clean sheets, dirt filled logs, that's what the good life is made of...

  6. I could just smell the Spring in your neck of the woods...oh to see the lovely Wisteria! Did I spy Dogwood in one photo too?

    Ours is still slumbering away...just a tiny bit of budding do I see. We have had so much rain and not a Spring shower. No buckets with hail at times then back to buckets.

    Yes, when you have been married a long time you are able to say something and know it is not meant as the end. You understand the give and take and then it is the make up. How easily that hug heals up any hurt...and so many times we just don't mean how it comes out. Mr. Moon is a loving man and you his honeysuckle...I sure wish I could grow honeysuckle here...do the deer eat it? Maybe I better consult my Sunset Gardening book.

    Planting with Owen...him holding a spade...digging...smiling up at you and being proud...fine day ahead.

  7. Your Mr. Moon is one of a kind. And the best.

    I love wisteria too, even though it doesn't belong here. But it doesn't spread in our arid land and a person can plant it to grow up an arbor where it doesn't kill things. Honeysuckle, on the other hand...we only plant the native Coral Honeysuckle, which welcomes hummingbirds but behaves itself in the trees.

  8. my hubby and I have been married 14 years and these last few years of me in grad school have been hard on us. we both got might snippy with each other, and it all came down to stress and feeling like the other wasn't pulling his/her own weight. I'm done with school, so I'm hoping we'll find our balance point again. But it is nice knowing that even when we yell at each other, neither is leaving. Or maybe we're both just too tired to go anywhere. lol!

  9. it's nothing but clouds and rain here today, gray gray gray. So thanks for the dogwoods and wysteria. That Mr. Moon is a sweetie. Can't wait to see pictures of lovely things growing in your log.

  10. Looking forward to seeing photos of The Log of Springtime Awesomeness.

  11. Mr Moon rocks.
    I love the way you described the wisteria and marriage.
    And everything.
    I can't wait to see the log!

  12. Mr Moon is wonderful!

    Your garden looks glorious. I'm envious of your wisteria as I don't have any. Although the house opposite does so I just admire theirs.

    Dylan and the Stones. Perfect xx

  13. Dylan is awesome. Glad that Mr. Moon surprised you. We are often not nice to those that we love.

  14. Mwa- It takes at least twenty years to work this stuff out. Hang on.

    handandspirit- Take pictures! Gophers? We don't have those here. But we have every other damn critter. I promise you.

    tiffany- And don't I know it!

    Ellen- Owen drenched himself in the hose, "helping" me. It was awesome!

    Kathleen Scott- I keep my honeysuckle contained as well. I think....

    Terena- Here's what Mr. Moon says- "If you ever plan on leaving, give me fifteen minutes so I can pack too." Gotta love that.

    Mel- There will be a log-blog. I promise.

    Lisa- See above.

    Bethany- Mr. Moon is the best. Damn, I love him.

    Christina- It all works for me. I sure feel lucky.

    Syd- And we should be nicest to those we share our lives with. Don't you think?

  15. sweet, sweet story. And no, I don't care for the word "suckle." It's kind of gross to me. Like "lick."

  16. We are having another snow day !!! Unbelievable.
    I raked and everything...sigh..

    we're past the 20 year mark and it's comfortable bliss.

  17. Kerry sounds great. Glad you had a fun visit.

    Mr. Moon is a real doll.

    Love you shitloads!

  18. I read this a couple days ago on my phone and was too lazy to comment using said phone (it's awkward with my fat fingers), so... I completely believe the bit about Dylan and his gramma. Grandmothers are AWESOME. That is all. :)

  19. Couple day ago, yesterday, whatever.


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