Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sorrowful Morning

Ah-lah. Very strange morning here. I think Pearl is actively dying.

And I have to go take my mother to the doctor.

It is tomorrow that Owen's coming and for that I am most grateful and also for the companionship of this sweet old dog for all these years.

Mr. Moon is coming home to be with Pearl. Jessie may come too.

Anyway, that's it and send up a sweet thought for Pearl. We're going to miss her.

Much love...M


  1. Here's my sweet thought for Pearl.

    Love to you.

  2. Sweet thoughts for Pearl. I know how you are feeling. I was with my beloved cat when she died and it was hard. She loved my son so much and waited for him to get there before she let go.

  3. Ah-lah. Ah-Yah.

    Sending love to the you and to Pearl.

  4. Sending good thoughts for you and Pearl. It's not easy.

  5. Ah, Mary. I hope it's easy for her - what a wonderful old age you gave her.

  6. oh...
    i'm sad for you.
    i miss my two beasts everyday.

  7. Sweet thoughts to Pearl and her family who is there for her today.

  8. Bless your hearts one and all as you help Pearl ease over.

  9. we just went through this, i understand completely what you are talking about. sending peace your way.


  10. DTG- It sure started out that way.

    Elizabeth- Thanks, darling.

    rockygrace- Thank-you so much.

    Lois- Pearl's not ready yet, I guess. I don't know what she's waiting for but for something, maybe. It's so heartbreaking and sweet that your cat waited for your son.

    Amna- Thanks, sweetness.

    Mr. Mischief- I know your grief is still mighty fresh.

    Jo- And she's still ENJOYING it!

    handandspirit- Our gentle beasts...

    Michele R- It turned into a Pearl Party, which was fun and sweet.

    Mary- She's such a strong dog. I hope her the blessing of easy death. I do.

    Mrs. A- I know you know. And that makes me sad for you. Thanks.

  11. I am glad that I red the later posts because I know that Pearl has a reprieve.


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