Friday, March 25, 2011

Future Botonist?

When Mean Aunt Jessie and Owen and I were taking our walk this morning, we passed a clump of bamboo on the side of the road.

"Boo," said Owen, pointing at it.

Alright, he may not be able to put the "bam" in front of the "boo" yet but he can by GOD identify it.


  1. Intelligent too, not just handsome.

  2. Good Lord, I completely forgot to call her Mean Aunt Jessie when I saw her. Which, you know. She totally is.
    That O. He's something, that boy.

  3. Stephanie- Amen.

    Angie- With a good sense of humor.

    Jo- Indeed!

    Nicol- At least to his grandma.

    Angie C- She's SO mean, that Aunt Jessie. So mean that Owen follows her around going, "I love you! Hold me! I love you! Etc."

  4. I hope that he will be a scientist of some sort. Lord knows we need more of them.


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