Friday, March 4, 2011

No Chanting. Thank God

I survived. Nurse M. was fine. She was plenty fine. I don't think she's ever going to do stand-up comedy but I can live with that.
She didn't ask stupid questions. She asked smart questions. She listened. She's suggesting alternative things to help with the Lexapro which she renewed.
I have lost three pounds. I am the same height I've always been.
Yeah. Can't ask for much more than that.
And I didn't have to take my clothes off. Double bonus.

Now. Off to get the hair redone. I'll post pictures because I KNOW YOU WANT TO SEE THEM!
(Why in the world would anyone want to see them?)
I constantly remind myself of that quote of Anne Lamott's about being the piece of shit the world revolves around.
If I ever give up blessourhearts and start a new blog, that'll be the title of it:

Don't you steal that idea from me.

Unless you want to.

And one more thing- NO, I did not wear overalls to see the nurse. I don't think she would have cared, though.


  1. good news -- and bravo on the loss of three pounds!

    and your hair looks good --

  2. you look beautiful! i love your necklace. glad your appointment was easy.

  3. Yay three pounds, and intelligent questions. Remember Mwa's sister's advice about how the fear is worse than the thing.

    I don't like the piece of shit thing, but maybe I'm missing something. Just .. .doesn't seem like a good way to describle yourself to yourself?

  4. I wondered if you wore those bibs to your appointment : ) I wore mine once for a mammogram and couldn't hold them up while my boob was being squashed! Learned my lesson.

    Have a good weekend ms. moon

  5. oh, I feel so terrible that I wasn't to give you some support.

    I'm so glad it all was rather painless.

    I wonder re myself about the doctor thing. It took me 10 years to have a physical after my last child.

    and now it's been three since then.

    stupid. ridiculous.

  6. What were the alternative things she suggested?
    No reason.

  7. Hi MM,

    I actually left my comment for this post on the next post! (That's what you get for trying to catch up and being a blabber mouth at the same time...sigh)

    Anyway, glad it went well.

  8. Glad that it went well. I knew you would do okay. And yes, seeing that red hair would be great.

  9. Ah PS... I was referring to ME being the blabbering catchy uppie person... you knew that right? Ok.

  10. Dear Ms Moon, that's great news. The stand up comedy line made me laugh.

    Yes please, post pictures! Have a great weekend xx


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