Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm Tellin' Ya- Former Lifetime The Boy Was A Custodian.

It has taken me all day but I have gotten...

absolutely nothing accomplished.

Okay. Owen helped. He tried. He did. I gave him a rag and he climbed up on the coffee table and began to industriously clean the windows in the library. With no pants on.
Now who wouldn't want a pantsless window-washer?

What can I say? Dude loves to clean. Pants or no pants. The task is the important thing!

Also, he did help me hang sheets on the line and then he rubbed his face in them and said, "Nie!"

So Jessie and Vergil left this morning to go back to town. They both have much to do.
I cried. So sue me.

Before they left we kicked some of the ol' boo with Owen. That bamboo is coming up and Owen likes me to kick it and then he peels the shoots like Jessie showed him. You know what? Bamboo smells really nice. I thought that was just some bullshit that Glade invented.

We also fed the goats.

Yes. They are quite fond of carrots. So is the old mule, bless her heart.

And after Jessie and Vergil left we played in the yard

and fed the chickens and looked for eggs and found a snake and put it in the woods and we read books and rescued a bee and took a walk and went to the post office and talked on the phone and oh yes, Owen called his Uncle Hank on redial. I came in the room and Owen and Hank were having a conversation. It was on speaker-phone so I could hear the whole thing. Mad phone skills that boy has! He called me the other day and left a message.

We ate some apple and also egg sandwich and peanut butter and grapes and a string cheese. We read more books.

We hung out and peeled bamboo together and made giant, pointy fingers out of the peels and waved them around and said, "Look at my giant fingers!" in funny giant voices. Okay. I did. Owen wasn't so sure about that. Those giant fingers are a little bit scary.

We watered the porch plants. That was major fun. "More! More!" cried Owen!

So yeah, it's been a very busy day but honestly, aside from getting the sheets on the line, well. I'd take a picture of the kitchen but I'm too embarrassed.

Oh! Another bird came in and was hanging in the laundry room and then went to perch on the potted mango. I got a nice picture of him? her? and by that time, Owen had seen so many birds in the house he wasn't even impressed. It's like a fucking aviary over here.

So now the boy's gone off with his papa for his next set of adventures and I better get to it. I need to spend quite some time just picking up and putting things away in order to find the surfaces I need to clean.
You know.

I sure could use a nap.

Oh yeah, the bed's not made and the sheets are on the line.

Life is good. Right here today in Lloyd, Florida, we ain't gettin' much done but life is good.
Pants or no pants.
And we like it like that.


  1. it would take a month of sundays for my brood to have that much fun. glad you're enjoying each other!

  2. "More! More!", cried Owen.

    Maybe it's about time to write a children's book???

  3. That phone call was the funniest thing to happen to me all day.

  4. :)

    Lovely. Sans pants and all.

  5. i really like that image of you with giant scary bamboo fingers...

  6. I do find it remarkable that when a baby is present, so many wonder-filled projects are started and left aside, how the chores are not even, how finding a snake and a bee are matter-of-course, and yes, the phone call! My answering machine has 31 messages on it that I cannot bear to erase, as my grandchildren call and invite me over for coffee, treats, walks, and other bigger projects, like painting, sewing, writing a chapter book...

    Thank you for a most excellent post today, Ms. Moon.

  7. Nie!

    oh my god that picture of owen pantsless cleaning the glass is a classic! love this whole post. love your day. so happy for your girl, too.

  8. Beautiful day! I'd like to see a picture of that bamboo, and the way you peel it. I'm intrigued. We don't get bamboo around these parts...

  9. Yes! The Most Excellent G'ma Day, this book could be called. I was havin' fun right along with you. That O-Boy is a smarty, with or without pants =o)

  10. That photo of Owen is priceless! Well he can get away with it but the rest of us? Well....I am afraid we wouldn't get the right response.

    Oh what a glorious day you have had and those sheets...will be put on just as you need to crawl in bed...and Owen saying they were "nie"?...yes I agree they do!

  11. I cannot get past the picture of Jessie and Virgil. People, if you saw them together in real life, you would cry with Ms. Moon, as I do right now. Love you, darlin'.

  12. It took me all day to do absolutely nothing too, but I enjoyed myself. And kept my pants on. Owen's pantsless cleaning made me smile. Glad you had such a full and wonderful day.

  13. My son Oliver was/is totally the custodial type. He loves a job and does one well. It sounds, to me, like you had a nearly perfect day. Particularly if you have something good to eat tonight and a martini or something.

  14. Adrienne- Well, we like to laugh and we find plenty to laugh about.

    Lulumarie- How wonderful it was to see you this weekend! You are SO precious! There is actually already a kid book called "More, More, More! Said the Baby," which is what I was sort of ripping off. It's lovely.

    DTG- Cracked me up too.

    Jo- The more less pants, the better when it comes to babies.

    Screamish- They're awesome!

    Laura- You are SO welcome!

    Angella- Pretty good stuff here. Pretty good stuff at your place, too, baby.

    Lora- I'll see if I can get some decent pictures.

    N2- He kills me. I was sweeping on the back porch and he went and got the dust pan and held if for me. Really? Yes.

    Ellen- I can't wait. One more floor to mop and then those very nice sheets.

    Angela C- It's the truth. You've seen it. Yes.

    Mel- Let's all take our pants off at some point tonight. We'll sleep better for it.

  15. Owen is such a cutie pie. And sounds like a busy fun day. AND.....this post and many of your posts of you and Owen enjoying the outdoors reminds me of the book called The Last Child In The Woods which is basically about playing outside and how it's good for children.

  16. Dear Mary, a pantless window washer... I like that idea!

    "It's like a fucking aviary round here" cracked me up!

    Great bird picture. You did achieve a lot today - it just seems like a full time job keeping kids entertained. Owen is adorable xx

  17. He is something else, that boy Owen.

  18. Well who wouldn't like it like that? I can only imagine how wonderful Owen's childhood memories will be :) Lucky, lucky, Owen.

  19. He's so much like my Owen my heart is weeping a bit for my baby that is less baby every day.

    Cleaning windows, playing in the dirt, watering? Check, check, and check.

    Your grandson is such a ray of light.

  20. I love the whole pants-less window cleaning idea. I'm smelling a franchise here. Laugh.

  21. That's a Carolina wren on your flower pot. A lovely and elegant little bird.

  22. Rebecca- Being outside is Owen's favorite thing. And I am so happy about that. I intend to encourage it as much as possible.

    Christina- You have no idea how much energy it takes! But it's pretty darn fun. You get to PLAY!

    Syd- He is, isn't he?

    Momsicle- I hope he remembers. I do.

    Nancy C- They certainly do grow up too fast. Crazy.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Ooh. Good idea! Make some money off that child.

    Anonymous- I know. I just call them "House Wrens." Because, you know, they come into the house.

  23. No pants! That's my choice anyway.

  24. That picture of Jessie and Vergil reminds me of the photos you've posted of you and Mr. Moon. They look beautiful and steadfast together...
    Love the pics of Owen, as always!

  25. The memories you are creating with Owen are priceless. What a gift to both of you.


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