Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Religion

It is just the most lovely evening you can imagine in Lloyd.
The temperature is perfect and the sky has a tint which says maybe, maybe, maybe...rain tomorrow.
There is almost a dye to it- this light. It makes the colors more intense, the whites like a Hollywood version of angel's wings, and the oak trees are...well, there is no other word for it- majestic.

I am quiet in wonder.

I am trembling in worship.


  1. What a view! Warms me seeing how lovely all is in your hometown. Isn't it such pleasure to have an evening you can absorb, note and enjoy fully?

  2. Dear Mary, oh! What wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing the beauty of where you live. Stunning.

    I got a nasty old comment tonight on the blog I did about where I live. Aren't people funny?

    Sending much love to you xx

  3. just heavenly.

    and to think you live in the midst of all this majesty.

    i hope your dreams are sweet tonight.

  4. Ellen- It's more a village than a hometown. Or... a stop in the road. But yes, oh my god, how wonderful to have an evening that has no obligations.

    deb- I wish I could truly show it to you. It is so much better than the pictures I take.

    Christina- Fuck that anonymous commenter. No. Don't fuck him/her. Let it be. Let it go. Don't worry. Sending love...M

    Angella- I do! And I think of you all of the time and wonder how it is for you in the city. I swear, I do. I think, "What would I be hearing right now if I were Angella as the doves coo and the train goes by and the roosters crow? And then I think of how it would be if you were here, walking the yard with me and I smile.

  5. I've seen religion take many forms but this one to me is the best. The spirit in nature and life.

  6. Elisabeth- THIS I can see, take hold of, and believe in.

    Lisa- I think so. I do.

  7. It was rainy last night with a thunderstorm. The rain will make the plants really come out.

  8. A- Always wonder. Always.

    Syd- Oh, it keeps teasing us, rain dancing around our edges, making my joints hurt. Maybe today...maybe tonight...maybe soon. I hope.


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