Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two Of My Favorite People: Mr. Rogers And Koko


My hips are singing a song about how nobody knows the trouble they've seen. "Nobody knows," they're whining, "but Jesus."

Well, well, I don't know about that. Jesus didn't carry a bunch of babies on his hips as far as I've read, starting out at age thirteen and if Jesus ever got a fever, it probably had something to do with the fever of chasing the money-changers out of the Temple.

Damn those money-changers!

Maybe they skipped the part in the Bible about Mary calling out to a thirteen-year old Jesus, "Son, come here and get your baby brother and take him to the well and bring back some water so that I can mix this wheat and honey in peace. And change his genital linen too! He stinks to high heaven!"
And Jesus said, "Grumble, grumble, grumble."


I'm cold too. Yep. Something alien has invaded my body for sure. But it's not too bad. And I have an entire day to myself to do whatever I want to do and so far, I have resisted going back to bed although I have library books and two magazines to read which sounds sort of like perfection, to be curled under my covers and reading.

Well, the idea of slowly doing stuff around here that needs doing sounds sort of like perfection too. May and I were talking about what a luxury it is to be able to do things slowly. To take one's time. Do you remember Mr. Rogers singing, "Oh, I like to take my time, I mean, whenever I want to do a thing, I always like to take my time"?
I remember when Hank and May were little and I was a hippie mama who suffered from untreated depression and lived way out in the country (about five miles from where I live right now, actually) and some days, the only thing that gave me comfort was Mr. Rogers saying, "I like you just the way you are."

Sigh. Mr. Rogers was a saint and I am wearing a sweater in his honor. And because I'm cold.

Lord. It's almost noon.

There's slow and then there's TOO slow. I think I may have crossed a line.

I wish I had something interesting to talk about. I bet you wish I did too.

Later, loves. Be well. Keep that genital linen clean. Take your time if you can.

I like you just the way you are.


  1. I hope you fight off whatever is messing with you...
    It's raining here in a hopeful almost spring way and I want to go curl up in some green fern somewhere and think about anything except laundry and appts and endless to do .

    Kathleen is so incredibly humbling, wow.

  2. I hope you get better, soon. And I love the idea of glorifying the "take your time." That's a new one for me, although I do adore Mr. Rogers.

    WV: recessess (I messed it up and the second WV was: ulatta which sounds vaguely genital)

  3. deb- Kathleen is nothing sort of a miracle.
    I hope spring finds you soon!

    Elizabeth- Ulatta reminds me uncomfortably of one my dreams from last night...

    DTG- Oh, I REALLY love it. Two precious sentient beings with their arms around each other. What could be better?

  4. Feel better immediately if not sooner.

    I had an insight into some of our school dreams...I will blog about it.

    Been wanting to tell you how much I love that utterly gorgeous creature and an incredible photo.

  5. I remember that damn song about taking our time. Mr. Rogers was too damn nice and gentle for me. He bored shit out of me. Sorry.

    I hope you feel better FAST!

    Love youse.

  6. Lo- I'm feeling okay. I went out and did a little gentle weeding. Now for some gentle housecleaning. Aren't the school dreams about anxiety? Isn't EVERYTHING about anxiety?
    I love the frog too. My camera took it. I was just there.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Well, if you'd lived that part of my life you'd love him too. Plus, in real life- he really was rather saint-like. In a good way. One of those GOOD Jimmy-Carter-Type Christians.
    But I take your point.
    And I love YOUSE, too!

  7. My genital linen is doing well. Hope that you treat yourself gently today.

  8. Syd- I thought the part about the genital linen was pretty funny. Thanks for mentioning it!

  9. Mr. Rogers spoke the language of my heart.

    Is Koko still living? Probably. Did they ever get her another kitten? Probably not. I'll consult Google, I guess.

    And I can't help but wonder how retired pole dancer hips fair. That's gotta be worse on the hips than slinging babies across them. Right?

  10. Dear Mary, I love you just the way you are. Hope you feel better soon. Taking your time is good xx

  11. Ms. Trouble- I think it was the unbalanced part of baby-carrying which was what did the damage. Hopefully, pole dancers swing and swivel each way evenly. And yes, I think Koko is still alive and I do think they got her another kitten.

    Christina- Aw. That makes me so happy.

  12. Best. Post. Ever.

    Mr. Rogers AND KoKo AND Singing Hips AND the permanent curiosity of "What would happen if Jesus had to help out changing His siblings nappys."

    Oh turn a phrase like noneother.

    Sorry about the weather. This too shall pass.

  13. Oh, I'm sorry it's cold! Wear that sweater, snuggle with a book & rest!

    PS: Mr. Rogers is one cool cat.

  14. Omgrrrl- I'm so glad you liked it! Love you, girl.

    Terresa- Actually, we are drinking up every last bit of the cool weather. We know what is to come. So snuggly feels good.

  15. I always love your rewritings of the bible. Genital linens indeed. Excellent. My right hip is also my trouble spot. Or one of my trouble spots.


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