Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And What Were Your Responsibilities At Your Last Job?

I'm waiting for water to boil for the spaghetti I've made for Mr. Moon who is on his way home from auction. There is also a salad of sorts and a not-homemade loaf of five grain Italian bread.
So, okay. I went to the store.
I also walked, did laundry, washed the sheets, made up the bed, took care of Owen, and no, I did not plant the potatoes but tomorrow. I swear...tomorrow.
Cook the pasta. Leave supper on the stove. Go to rehearsal. Come home. Fall in bed.

It's been a day and three, no, FOUR male cardinals are at the feeder, backdropped by the white blossoms of the Bradford Pears and I am NOT wearing a bra to rehearsal. They know me, who am I trying to impress?
Those two thoughts had nothing to do with each other.
My brain is fried.
My feet are too.
I showed Owen today how his grandmother can pick up things with her toes. He tried it too, but he couldn't. Maybe someday.
I wonder if he was impressed. He seemed to be at first but he got over that pretty quickly and patted the floor and said, "Sit."
So I did.
And we played blocks.

My boss is a seventeen-month old boy.

Ah. It could be worse and don't I know I know it.


  1. I am tired too but I'm taking my ass to a meeting. Relax and rest your tired body.

  2. i'm having spaghetti tonight too

  3. Next you can watch My Left Foot together.
    I hope you can rest tonight.
    You are making me TIRED.
    Sweet dreams.

  4. That's one sweet-ass boss you've got there.

  5. Such a load of wonderful responsibilities, Ms Moon. No wonder you're tired.

  6. Here to catch up.
    Coming here does not feel like a job , that is for sure.

    hope your rehearsal was fabulous.

  7. Hear hear. Too tired to say much more!

  8. Syd- It's eleven o'clock and I am finally done with this day. It's been a good one but I am exhausted.

    MW- Spaghetti is good!

    Bethany- Haha!
    But I am right-footed.

    Lisa- Too true. He gives good hugs, too.

    Elisabeth- I must love it.

    deb- It was fun. We joked around a lot. I'm going to miss these women SO much.

    Maggie May- I understand, honey. I do.

  9. Pretty much what they are now (in answer to your title question).
    I wish you a night of sweet sleep, dear Ms. Moon.

  10. Aw, so cute. I love to think of Owen trying to pick things up with his toes and bossing you round. :)

    wv: retsfu

    Which I'm reading as rest-fu, the ancient art of taking a well deserved break.

  11. I think that Owen makes a fine boss - I'd trade mine in for Owen any day. And I just cannot agree with you more about the bra thing. I take this damn thing off the SECOND I can.

  12. good morning ms. moon,
    i hope you slept well last night, and that you were in charge of your dreams....
    just enough to paint them delicious.

  13. My ass is always tired, but you had quite a day.



  14. owen is infinitely wise. his instruction was "sit." that sounds like exactly what you needed.

    i do love that boy.


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