Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Disparate Items

I found my first azaleas this morning on my walk. I believe they were on the same bush where I found my first ones last year.

I picked one tiny branch and brought it home and on my way, I caught sight of something else which, in its old, rusted symmetry, delighted me.

I brought them home and hung them on my porch wall.

Here they, combined.

Anyone know what that old rusty part is? I'll bet Mr. Moon could figure it out.


  1. I have no idea what it is, but it makes a lovely decoration, especially with those azaleas!

  2. Haven't a clue, but he arrangement is utterly delicious. You have a great eye for beauty, Ms. M.

  3. Dear Ms Moon, I have no idea what that is either. Your azaleas are stunning.

    If you email me your address, my email is on my profile I will send you some of my favourite serum. Slapping on serum followed by moisturiser every night is the only thing that's saved my skin with my lifestyle.

    Hope you're good. Spring is nearly here xx

  4. That's beautiful! Simply lovely --

  5. How very lovely...a perfect found object!1

  6. Oooh, I like it, though I have no idea what it is! I am thrilled to see azealeas, and am very jealous, as I have only one tiny yellow crocus peeping out in my entire yard. Soon, though, soon....

  7. Oo, wow. So nice. It looked clocklike, for a second, in that first picture.

    I love your mysterious finds :)

  8. It looks to me like the thingamajig which would surround a stove pipe coming up through a floor and floor - so the wood floor and joists wouldn't be too near the hot pipe but the pipe would be held in place and there would be no gaps.

    You are a true artist anyway.

  9. Nice find, Mamacita. I really like that with those beautiful azaleas.

  10. it looks like an old hub cap. repurposed for beauty. love it,

  11. A beautiful rusty part, and I hope if Mr Moon identifies it you'll tell us what it was before it was what it is now.

  12. Lois- Doesn't it?

    Lo- I do love the interesting.

    Christina- Oh honey. Just you wait.
    And any magic you can send would be appreciated. Just think- European Magic!
    You're a doll.

    Elizabeth- It's just some old car part or something but it pleases me.

    Young At Heart- How could I leave it in the weeds?

    Mel- You will be posting spring when we are already roasting in our own sweaty skins.

    Jo- It reminded me of cloister doors.

    Jeannie- That might be it!

    Honeyluna- You know how I love my little found treasures.

    Angella- Again. That could be what it is. I'm waiting for Mr. Moon's opinion.

    A- I will!

  13. OH MY GOD! This post delighted me in a way I haven't been delighted in forever. I actually GASPED.
    You have an artful eye.
    And the way you revealed it just knocked my socks off.
    I love that shape.
    I love you finding and hanging it,
    and the leaf and then the pink of the azalea, wow wow wow!
    My word ver: comsee
    Come see what I found in the woods!
    Bravo MM.

  14. Looks like a car part to me but I have no idea what. Nice what you did with it.

  15. Bethany- Exactly- Come see what I found! I'm just like a child.

    Syd- Thanks, babe.


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