Monday, March 7, 2011


Tea olive and redbud
They live together right outside my kitchen and they have never bloomed so beautifully as this year and I do believe it is because the chickens scratch, scratch, scratch and poop around them every day.
Another reason to love those birds and you know I do, those sweet hens, that valiant rooster and good morning, good morning. It is morning but still dark and Owen is on his way here to Grandmother's house and I wonder if he'll be sleepy or if he'll be ready
To jump into the fray of the morning life, even dark, demanding to go see those chickens
Whom he loves as much as I do
And I'll have to tell him that they are still asleep and he'll believe me
I am the grandmother.
And I have always been the sort of person who looks disdainful and bewildered, too
When people say, "I'll sleep later, I have things to do," because I love sleep and winding dreams of confetti confusion so much, the ones I can piece together later
When Owen is coming
I say, "I'll sleep later, I have things to do,"
And I finally understand that.
Do you see what I am saying?
Good morning.


  1. Good Morning, Ms Moon, and from me, goodnight. You have things to do and I must sleep. Tomorrow I too will care for my grandson, 3 years old and as vibrant as Owen in a different way.

  2. I have many things to do today. But no grandchildren or children are involved. The potatoes are planted. I am glad. The garden is coming along nicely.

  3. ah yes, lovely.
    disdainful and bewildered, me too,
    still. but i hope to find some reason to wake up one of these days.
    bless that little boy of your heart.

  4. I know Spring is coming to Florida when I read your posting of what is blooming and growing at your home. Yes!

    Rise and shine! The day begins, and Owen is ready to bring in the sunshine...

  5. Elisabeth- Ah, such a strange thing this internet that I can write in the early, early morning and you can read right away before your bedtime. I hope you slept WELL!

    Syd- I like your new picture, by the way! I'm glad you got your potatoes planted too. I am so behind in my garden. Mr. Moon keeps asking if I've planted this or that and I just look at him with glinty eyes.

    Bethany- Well, girl, I've found my reason. Indeed.

    Ellen- Oh! He did!

  6. Dear Ms Moon, your descriptions are so wonderfully evocative. I would love to watch animals from my window. I have birds and squirrels and foxes at the end of my garden but chickens would be better.

    I used to have trouble sleeping. I think I thought I might miss something. I've had all sorts of sleeping pills but I stopped taking them when I discovered putting a few drops of lavender oil on my pillow xx

  7. Christina- Usually, I have no trouble sleeping except for the common irony of when I need it most, I spend the most time awake dreading the early wake-up.
    When my children were young, my cure-all for most ills were a "lavender bath" which was a nice warm bath with lavender oil in it.
    I still find that to be soothing. And I still suggest it to my children when they are not feeling their best.
    And chickens are also unbelievably soothing. When I was going through my horrible anxiety, one of the things which made me feel halfway decent was watching them. Just...watching...chickens.


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