Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Spring

The little house sparrows are busy at it and a couple have made an entire nest in a plant hanging in my front hallway. They have also attempted a nest between the antlers of one of Mr. Moon's deer heads and okay, that's totally not cool.
They come in the dog door on the back porch and sweep down the hall with twigs in their beaks and really- come on. We cannot have this.
Too much nature.
It's fine for them to have a nest on the back porch but in the house?

There are so many reasons this is a bad idea, not the least of which is that when babies hatch, they would be swooping all over the house trying to figure out how to get outside and the dogs would eat them all up. I'm not kidding. And I can't leave the back door open day and night for the next six weeks. I just can't.

Well, that's my life, my house right now. Busting with activity and messy as hell and I HAVE COMPANY COMING TOMORROW and really- a nest in the hallway?

Jessie and Vergil spent the night, Owen is about to come. I can't wait to get my hands on that boy. I need to make Pearl's mush and well, there are just a million things to be done, to get done, to do.
My nest is not tidy. My nest is a mess. I have been away partying and before that, I was away at the island and before that, I was Truvy, Truvy, Truvy! and I am faint with the idea of taking control of this whole messy business of yard and house and kitchen and floors and the tiny bird comes in the dog door and Buster the dog ignores it, he's laying right there and this bird has gone up to the old fish over the door on the porch where they have nested before and is this the same couple or another?

Coffee. More coffee.

It's spring. Oh Lord, yes, it is spring.

Everything is busting open, flowers and leaves and there is bamboo busting right out of the ground and ripe for the kicking and Owen and I will have fun doing that this morning and I guess I might as well just submit and and enjoy this whole burgeoning of life as it happens in yard and chicken coop, in hallway and in my heart.

Fresh eggs in a bowl, nests in the hallway, it's something.
The house is messy. So is everything.
Love it for what it is. Take it as a gift. Mop a floor if you can.

Worship and praise, white vinegar and Fabuloso, clean sheets and dusty floor and Vergil and Jessie are strolling the yard hand-in-hand and oh God, the chickens need letting out.

Gotta go, y'all.
Happy Monday.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Birds indoors! Well, lucky you. It must mean good luck in some culture! Perhaps you can hang your plant out on the porch?

    I envy your earlier springtime. Ours is coming but so much slower.

  2. Too much nature is right. I hate birds. Fuckers shit on everything. Also they carry lice. Yuck.

  3. House Sparrows GONE WILD! in stores now! Spring Break Nesting Madness!

  4. I would be so VERY tempted to leave them in the house.

  5. I love the mental image of sparrows swooping in the dog door--over the dog. Too funny. Says what a warm loving home you've made for all the neighborhood chicks.

  6. The birds must trust you to actually come inside to build their nest. I would be tempted to leave them there too!

  7. Hmmmm. This IS a problem. I love birds but there is nothing worse than a bird in your house that didn't really intend to be there. Mom & Dad are fine and know their way around but those babies? They would be too much. Nothing fuels anxiety like something flapping it's wings around your head in an enclosed space. Bats and flying squirrels included.

  8. Your "Vacancy available" sign and your "Welcome" sign must be hanging just outside the doggie door!

  9. You must be channeling Snow White. Where are the damn Dwarves when you need them!


  10. That's amazing that birds fly into your house and nest. That would freak me out.

    I love your busy get ready for spring post. I can smell the clean --

  11. Birds nesting in the hall? What a fabulous pain in the arse!

    Hahahahah, wv: boidest!

    Watch out, boidies!

  12. I dig the half nekkid window washer!

    I think today was about as beautiful a day as I can remember in a long time. Perfect temps and sun too.

  13. DTG- Seriously.

    Jeannie- I did hang the plant out on the porch. Well, Vergil and Jessie did it for me. Springtime is 3/4 done here and the heat is comin' on. This is Florida.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- You may be right. I just am NOT going to be the crazy old lady who has birds living in her house. Wild birds. I mean, really. I do have my standards. They may be low, but I have them.

    Magnum- You ain't kidding.

    Stephanie- I know but it will NOT WORK!

    Kathleen Scott- Either that or how silly these birds are.

    Lois- I keep finding them in different places. I have a feeling they are the babies of birds who have nested on the porch. This is why they trust us- they know us already!

    Ms. Trouble- That is the truth!

    Ellen- Oh Lord. I better go check.

    Michelle- Yes! I need Cleany, the Eighth Dwarf!

    Elizabeth- It does smell a lot like Fabuloso.

    Jo- I cannot believe you got that VW. That's scary.

    Ms. Fleur- I know. Every day is like, "Oh, THIS one is the best." And now it's going to get hot.

  14. Dear Mary, the birds obviously love your house too. But a nest in the hall just won't do xx

  15. I think that it is great that you have birds nesting in your house. But I would worry about the babies as well.

  16. Christina- NO KIDDING!

    Syd- They'd never survive.

    Lisa- And I love every bit of you.

  17. Indoor nests! Yes, too much nature that would be. Just think of the extra poop!


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