Thursday, March 10, 2011

How Can You Miss Me If I Won't Go Away?

So I'm all packed. Coffeed-up. Wearing a hat. Mr. Moon is dealing with the boat we're borrowing. It's pretty small. It's called The Winky II which makes me feel as if Mr. Moon should be wearing a clown outfit when he drives it. Don't you think?

Lily just called. Owen either has allergies or he's getting a cold. He can talk on the phone now which breaks my heart.
"Hey, Owen! It's grandmother!"
"Meir-Meir!" he says. "Ah yah!"
Ah yah means I love you.

How can I not see him for all these days in a row?

Oh my.

Well, I think the Winky II is about ready to roll.

Shit. I look like a clown anyway. Overalls are so nautical, especially paired with a gimme hat from Jessie's old high school and very short red braids. I look like Pippi Longstocking's mother.

Okay. Here's what I wanted to say:


See you Sunday.



  1. :)

    Go forth and have a nice time.

  2. I love you, too! Winky sounds like the name a small child would give his penis. My winky hurts. Jesus H. Is there no humiliation that poor Mr. Moon must endure, on top of the fucking fact that his goddamn boat motor crapped out?

  3. The Winky II?! ha! I'd ride in it.

  4. The Winky II and these comments are cracking me up this morning. Have a good time and hurry back!

  5. Ah Yah with a big Mwah kiss. Bon voyage! We'll miss you too. Lots and lots. Have fun, rest and sweet dreams.

    ps mr. winky is our family name for little boy penises. Too funny :)

  6. Have a very fine time away...we too will leave tomorrow for some needed time away.

    And Ah yah back to you!

    and my word verifcation: blessill

  7. I'm headed to New Mexico! (never been but it is for a work meeting). But I could do without the 3-hour plane trip. I'd rather travel on the Gulf on Mr. Winky II. See you later!
    --Michele R.

  8. I am in awe of your words....."How Can You Miss Me If I Won't Go Away?" funny....brilliant.

    Be sure to read some of that Gerald Durrell book and, lastly, ..........
    Ah yah!

  9. oh mother of god, how did i miss saying farewell? shit, damn, ugh.
    i will miss you all the time.
    have fun!

  10. Aawww Ms Moon.....have fun. AND I just can't believe how much your little guy is growing up~

  11. Thinking of you on your scarybuthopefullyfun trip! Best wishes.

  12. Have a good time on Winky II, and I love the pic of Owen taking a sip. Enjoy your weekend.

  13. PS. I always whinge when I go away but then end up really enjoying myself and feeling like a big kid xx

  14. Can we get a picture of the pair of you in clown suits in Winky II?

    Ah yah! Dear Ms Moon xx

  15. Ah! Love you too. Hope you're having a great time. And I must say, I am enjoying the picture of Owen at the top of your blog - when I come to visit I'm like "oh hi Owen." :)

  16. Have a great trip. It sounds awesome. Things are rolling along well here.

  17. Oh, dear Ms. Moon, ay-yah!! And I cannot WAIT to see you in just a very few days. Imagine ourselves, hip to hip in that kitchen full of some of the women we love most, while the fire ring is tended with love and care by some of the men we love most...ay-yah!!!
    I do hope to see another Dog Island conch shell, but mostly to see Dog Island darlings soon, soon.

  18. Mr. Moon strikes me as too dignified to take insult at the boat's name. I know I'm late with commenting, but I hope it all went well and that you had a blast.

  19. have a lovely time, what a great read :)

  20. I put the cardinal feather in the hat I bought in Chicago. Come home now. I've missed you enough.


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