Thursday, March 17, 2011

Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky

Well, I think I am seeing the pecans begin to swell which means that we can safely say that winter is over. Done. Gone. No more freezing here, baby.
And it's so fucking beautiful today that I almost want to puke. Dogwoods and wisteria climbing up the bamboo and spilling over in purple haze

(Thanks, Jimi, Thanks Owsley).

Sometimes I can't believe I'm this old. How many of YOU know what Owsley acid was? Much less DID any? How many of you were alive when Jimi Hendrix drifted down from whatever star he came from and grabbed a guitar and changed things forever?
Huh? I'm asking you.

Well, let's see. Spring. Oh yeah. It looks like this out my backyard:

It's so fucking beautiful that as Daddy B might say, I want to punch someone.

My ashe magnolia which I bought in a small pot six years ago is finally as tall as I am. Here's it's annual grand opening:

I wonder how many blowsy blossoms it'll have this year.

I think I have spring fever. The symptoms are grieving that I am not creating. My writing room is calling me with a voice of strident demanding. And yet, here I am, on the back porch, blogging and planning my trip to town to buy flour, buttermilk, and other ingredients necessary for the things I'll be taking to Gator Bone tomorrow for the Big Party.

This is a wonderful, gorgeous party where almost everyone plays music and there is music, music, everywhere. People come from as far away as Colorado to come to this party and I supposedly know many of them and yet, of course, I can't remember exactly and so what I do is follow Lis around with a lipstick in case she needs it and when I'm not doing that, I hide in the kitchen and cook and drink beer.
Then Mr. Moon and I drive a few miles down the road to a state park where we get to stay in the coolest old cabin ever on a lake in the woods. Why do I even leave that cabin?

Oh yes. To see this:

My darling Lis with glittery shamrocks in her hair and flowers and guitars and banjos in her hands.
Now I remember.

Okay. It's spring. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Purple Haze, all that jazz, bust-up-a-guitar, make a biscuit, plant a row of something, set out your tomatoes, the pecan trees say it's time, kiss an Irishman or IrishWoman, pick a flower, put it in your hair, spend the night in a cabin in the woods with your old man, get up, make coffee, drink it looking at the lake with mist coming off it, hide in the kitchen, keep a lipstick in your pocket.

That's my advice.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Ah, you know how old I am ;)

    Enjoy your excellent weather while I sit here at my desk :) But don't puke. Or punch anyone. That's my advice for the day.

  2. May brought me a spring of wisteria and a couple dogwood blooms yesterday, and they've making my house look nice.

    Love you, mama, have fun this weekend! Who's watching the house?

  3. Oooh, your pictures, I am drooling. The new header is so lovely. I hope you have a great weekend.
    You know I'm old, but I had to look up Owsley, and never gave the poor guy credit. We called it blotter or windowpane, Purple haze - those were the days.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane and around your yard and for the Jimi video and for just being you. I got that creative itch today to, it's so nice I'm spinning in circles trying to figure out what to do!!

  4. It IS gorgeous outside. Now WE have the Japanese magnolia in bloom here. Love, love your photos. I'm so, so worn out this week but I hope to enjoy the equinox this weekend.
    A cabin on a lake!! You guys go to the best places!!!

  5. My wisteria is a couple weeks behind yours and the waiting is killing me.

  6. if spring looked like that in my backyard i think i would just move my bed out under the trees. gorgeousness.

  7. Oh, Jimi. I sure do remember ~ was 15 when he came bursting like a wildfire into my world. You've just motivated me to EXPERIENCE a few blissful moments of nostalgia.

    Gatorbone is going to be amazing. Did you hear about the Lunar Perigee-syzygy??? Saturday night will be the closest the moon has been to the earth since 1983 and it will be the brightest full moon of the year ~ not that we needed an excuse to stay up late!

    You grocery list reminded me that every year I resolve to get up early enough to get there in time for your famous angel biscuits, but can never seem to leave the cabin ~ I just love those quiet mornings.

    We'll see you at the jamboree!

  8. SJ- Yes. Far too young to be doing the sort of work you do so well. That's how old you are.
    Okay. I won't punch anyone. I promise. Or puke either, most likely.

    DTG- That May. She brings beauty with her, doesn't she? I'm not sure yet about the house...

    Mel- Blotter. Windowpane. Yes. I remember, too.
    I sure hope you have a beautiful, creative day.

    Michele R- I think it's going to be some damn fine moonwatching this weekend.

    Stephanie- Be patient. It will happen.

    Angella- I know. We should. But did I mention that mosquitoes are already out? Damn them.

    lulumarie- I'll stash you some biscuits. I promise. See you soon!

  9. I love your Kissing the Sky header. Perfect for the season. And you.

    Sounds like beauty is happening all around you. Have a fabulous party, will be fun to read about it.

  10. Yep, I know what it was. My, your yard looks pretty.

  11. No idea about Owsley (thought that was something from Harry Potter), but I do remember Jimi Hendrix. I was in elementary school and couldn't believe those sounds came from my ultra-cool uncle's hi-fi, much less from a guitar.

  12. As always great advice and great pictures. Envious of your backyard as spring has sprung. We got snow yesterday so I don't have a clue when we will be bloomin' and groovin'. Have fun at the party and thank you for the birthday wishes to Mrs. Shife.

  13. Thank you for the advise, Ms. Moon. Have a wonder filled weekend. Yes.

  14. Beautiful post for a beautiful day and a beautiful weekend. Beautiful header too, and beautiful you.

    I like to bring Hank things to smell.

  15. so much beauty in your world...
    filling me, filling me, and i am grateful.

  16. Kathleen Scott- I am still wanting pancakes after reading your post today.

    A- Haha!

    Pamela- Still hard to believe, actually. For me.

    Mr. Shife- Thanks, sweetie. I hope spring for you too, soon!

    Laura- I will TRY!

    May- And YOU are a beautiful girl. I love you.

    rebecca- Ain't I lucky?

  17. great advice.
    you made my worried face smile.

  18. Dear Ms Moon, I was alive when Jimi Hendrix was... just. I don't know what Owsley acid is but I'm sure I would have taken it.

    Your garden looks glorious. The wisteria and the dogwood. I don't know the names of some of them but they're stunning. I love the spring xx

    Love the new banner pic

  19. Bethany- I wish you did not have to worry so much. I understand, though. I hope you have sweet dreams tonight.

    Christina- "I don't know what Owsley acid is but I'm sure I would have taken it." Yes. And thus I love you.

  20. I knew. I took it. More than several times. AND LOOK AT ME NOW HAHAHAHAHA.

    Damn I love you.

  21. Madame Radish- I love you too, you crazy woman.

  22. If it's not too much trouble, I'd like some pictures of the cabin. It's probably the only vacation I'll get this year.

    Tell Liz I said yo.



  23. It is beautiful here too. We are about two weeks behind you I think. I am glad for your contentment.


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