Friday, March 18, 2011

Pictures And Thoughts

When Owen and I wake from a nap he sits up on the bed, looks around and points to the small dog sleeping with us and says, "Zeke!" Then he slides off the bed, gets my hair clip and glasses from the bedside table and hands them to me.
No mistaking the message there.

Every morning my old dog Pearl is skinnier. I know this should not be possible, but it is. She is visibly thinner every day. I make her a bowl of dog food soaked in broth with nutritional yeast in it and she eats it every morning but still...
She is fifteen years and four months old. This, too, is seemingly impossible for a boxer. She looks like a lizard, curled up in her bed and I know she will not be with us much longer. I am just hoping that she goes in her sleep or as she runs across the back yard, which she still does, tail stub waggling, blind eyes open to the spring sun.

I had a movie-length dream last night and Sarah Jessica Parker was in it. She is so thin, my darlings. I kept trying to get her to eat soup. I woke up from the dream and thought, "Lord, I should write this down." The details! Which of course I can not remember a one at this moment except when she was swirling the ice cubes around in her drink in a very fancy bar with lots of metal and indirect lighting. She seemed bored.
And hungry.
But sweet!

I woke up this morning thinking of a thing I saw online about how pear-shaped women should not wear Capri pants as it makes their pear-shape more obvious. It occurred to me that there is nothing in this world wrong with being pear-shaped and that there are those who love a pear-shaped woman and her lovely bottom and WHO IS THE DECIDER ABOUT WHY A PEAR-SHAPED WOMAN SHOULD NOT MAKE HER BOTTOM MORE OBVIOUS? We cannot all look like Angelina Jolie nor should we. I say- wear Capri pants if you want and carry your bottom with pride.

Another thing Owen learned yesterday is that when you pull out the egg carton and let it drop, eggs break and dogs will come. Dogs are quite handy when it comes to dropped food of almost any kind.
Not collard greens, though, as I pointed out yesterday.

I have recently become entranced with Fashion's Most Wanted and the lovely and talented Christina who runs the place. Of course I found my way to her through my dear love, Sarcastic Bastard through whom I have met so many wonderful people.
Christina and I could hardly be more different. She lives in London. She has a wardrobe to die for and a figure to wear it. She goes to fashion shows and fabulous parties. She knows how to apply make-up on herself and not look like a clown, but in fact, to look even more beautiful. Her boyfriend is The Actor. They go on holiday to places like Sri Lanka.
And you know me- overall-wearing/chicken-tendin'/grandson-kissin' Old Lady married for forever who hardly leaves her front gate.
Yet. We have somehow met and admire each other. This, THIS, is the miracle of the Blogworld. My god! The people I have met through words and pictures, the ideas which have been given me, the windows into other worlds and lives and ways of living!
It blows my mind.

Owen and I saw two instances of chicken-fucking yesterday. I'm sorry but the word "fucking" is just what comes to mind when you see Elvis jump up on top of one of the hens and has his way with her. No, I do not say, "Look, Owen! Elvis is fucking Mabel!" I don't quite know what to say as Elvis brutally fucks a hen but Owen's eyes get big and he doesn't know whether to worry or laugh.
And isn't that the way we all feel when we see fucking at an early age? And sometimes even at an older age.

I read an article in the New Yorker last night about how people used to think of life as a circular thing but with the invention of the electric light (okay, I am making a long story really short), there was no longer any need to think of it like that because days never necessarily ended with the setting sun and then began again when the sun came back up and life began to be thought of as a line and THUS (yes, there is a point here), that line of life was seen as something that could be extended which is why we're all so obsessed with trying to stay alive longer instead of just accepting the natural birth-to-death bracelet which we come equipped with. AND, that perhaps, there is no real reason to want to live into old, old age because the quality of life, no matter what we do, just frankly and realistically declines after a certain point.
Okay. There was a lot more to it but the fact is- there are more and more and more older people and more and more REALLY older people and a lot of them are not going to be so happy, sitting around in their mental and physical decline and WHAT'S THE FUCKING POINT?
(That's my take on it, anyway.)

Well, that angel biscuit dough needs to get made and ain't no one gonna do it but me. Mr. Moon just got home from his trip down to Tampa where he watched four basketball games in a row yesterday with his sister and nephews. He got about three and a half hours of sleep and he is WIRED! In fact, he decided that now will be the perfect time to move the giant hollow log from where it fell to where we are going to use it for a planter. He's about to go get the chain saw so it will fit nicely on the ground.
I hope that tragedy does not ensue. MY blood pressure is rising just watching him run around the house and yard.
I better go supervise.

Happy Friday, y'all.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. OK, you had me cracking up again. Thank you. I'm with you on the thing with the capris too, btw. Great post all around and I hope you have a good weekend. :)


    Indeed! I like pear shapes - so much so that if I were a woman-preferrer, I would favor pear-shaped women above all others.

    Plus I'm pear-shaped myself, and I think having a bottom that announces your departure from a room is a fabulous thing.

  3. PS I'm excited about the log planter. Can't wait to see more.
    And I'm in complete agreement, pears are perfect!
    Love Amna's comment!
    Hope Mr Moon has calmed down.

  4. So much to comment on here. First, old dogs and old people have my heart. I wish them all an easy exit from life. Sadly enough that doesn't necessarily occur. Love to old Pearl.

  5. That's funny. Babes is planning on maybe using a chainsaw together with his daddy next month, and I'm already worried about that as well.

    And I have a pear-shaped bottom and the first thing I look for when I buy new trousers is if my bum looks nice in them. No way am I hiding it. Nothing wrong with being pear-shaped at all.

    And I had another lesbian dream last night, no doubt thanks to Thug in a Cocktail Dress's comment on my blog. It was rather lovely yet did not contain Sarah Jessica Parker.

    Have fun partying!

  6. Ooo, that hollow log will be fun to fill with plants. With a project like that, you will have to join us at Dirt Nerds Unite and share a picture.

    You will be the Angel with the Biscuits at Gator Bone. Have great fun listening to the music. x0 N2

  7. But---pear-shaped is considered desirable! It's apple-shaped that's problematic...

  8. Dear Ms Moon, what a load of tosh about the capri pants. I think everyone should wear whatever they like.

    I laughed at Mr Moon dragging the log around!

    What a gorgeous dog Pearl is! I love boxers. We had one when I was a kid.

    I used to look after my friend's dog Alfie - he has a mad squashed up face, but I thought he was beautiful. He's a Victorian bulldog which someone told me that a long time ago the breed started as a boxer crossed with a mastiff, I'm not sure if that's correct.

    Even though we live very different lives we are both honest, have a sense of humour and tell it like it is.

    All I can is I'm delighted to have met you. My life is definitely richer for knowing you and your wonderful writing, which I adore.

    Love C xx

  9. I worry about my cats too, they are getting old. And I fell heavily in love with a boxer once. I dog sat him while his mom was away. I had to give him giant pills. His mom told me Butch has cancer in his jaw but we haven't told him. I cried when he died. A part of my heart went away.

    wv : whing

  10. So sorry your beloved pup is at tail end of her life with you, and you with her. Nothing more to say than that... Big hugs to you Ms. Moon

  11. Hello Ms. Moon... You are a very positive person... i always enjoy reading your blogs... Its a pleasure to be here and learn these simple lessons from your messages.. Cheerio...Happy Weekend to you and Mr.Moon..

  12. I just wanted to say that I'm checking with the rest of the Boxer rescue gang, but so far we're pretty sure Pearl is the oldest living Boxer we have ever known, and Glory Hallelujah.

    And I also wanted to say, Thank you, it was wonderful to wrap my arms around you, and I love you very much.

  13. I just want to look deep into Pearls blind eyes and scratch her behind her ears and let her head rest in my lap while.


  14. I love the part about chicken-fucking. Sex is scary to a small child (and even sometimes to an adult--you are right). Sometimes, I am still temporarily taken aback to see a penis, especially a LARGE one.

    I love you. And you are right, Christina is as nice as they come. I adore her, too.



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