Thursday, March 24, 2011

The News Of Her Death Was Greatly Exaggerated

Well, I was sitting by the deathbed eating a banana with peanut butter because Jessie is taking her grandmother to the doctor so I could stay with Pearl and Pearl started licking her chops so I gave her a piece of peanut butter banana and then Lily and Owen came out and Pearl got up to greet them.

So. She's now eaten some food and is standing up and Owen and I even danced with her to the Beatles for a few minutes.

Mr. Moon is giving her an aspirin and well, I guess instead of a deathwatch, we're having a party.

Bananas, Beatles, Boys and one old Boxer.

Here we are and it's fine.


  1. Ok.

    Well... good... as long as this doesn't turn into a daily occasion :)

  2. OMG! he reminds me of our Cassius!
    glad he's rallying...who can resist
    peanut butter and bananas?

  3. Aw, Pearl. Give her some cheese.

  4. It reminds me of the scene in Moonstruck when Danny Aiello has to go to Italy to visit his "dying" mother, and she lies in the bed, shouting with her arms up, quite vigorous.

    I hope Pearl hangs in there --

  5. Poor Pearl, she's not ready to go yet. My sister's mastiff Maggie, who is on borrowed time, took to her deathbed yesterday too. Sis lay next to her, gave her bellyrubs and cheese while she waited for reinforcements to come over and help her through. Maggie is 185 pounds with very bad hips. Well Maggie was so happy to have all that attention and then some company that she hopped up and grabbed her ball. If it wasn't so sad and inevitable, it would be even funnier. My sis is on eggshells, probably the same as you. Maybe Maggie and Pearl will play around in dog heaven some day, all those old bones and old age just a memory.

  6. I saw the goodbye in two of my dogs eyes. One we took in to the vet to be put to sleep and the last died in his sleep. I was grateful that he was at home where he felt comfortable and was with the family who loved him so.

    I hope Pearl's release will be just as calm....when it is her time.

  7. Well, Pearl is getting all sorts of loving thoughts sent her way. If it's time I hope it's as painless as possible for her and the rest of you.

  8. What about deer liver pate? It worked for the kitty... Awe, we will miss her too.

    Harley and I will come by for a pat goodbye.

  9. I have been thinking of Pearl all damn day. Thank you for the update. I care more about Pearl than I do Elizabeth Taylor. I will cry more for Pearl, when she goes. I cried a little when I went home for lunch and asked Ginger and the cats to keep a good thought for her.

    We love y'all here in magnificent Buttfuck!

  10. Well, at least you got out of taking your mother to the doctor!

  11. Glad that the family's rallying round got Pearl back up on her feet. Hate to say it, but maybe she was just giving you all a dress rehearsal. She's a wise old dog and knows she has to go sometime. Hang in there.
    x0 N2

  12. Seriously? When this peeing and pooping in the house dog leaves this world and your house, don't get another one like her.

  13. that is one of my favorite quotes! the news of my death was greatly exaggerated by...? forget, but always makes me laugh!!!

    good old Pearl.

  14. Love to your family and to Pearl.

  15. she's like charlie sheen in that respect.....

    it's never easy to say goodbye forever to a friend. thinking of you and your fam.


  16. I have put the question out to all my pals in the Boxer Aid & Rescue Coalition (BARC): is Pearl the oldest Boxer we know? My own beloved Sheba was 14 when she died. I am pulling for beautiful Pearl, who was with you to raise those gorgeous children of yours. And I so love you so.

  17. I have been crying about Pearl all day long, and even though I know she's not long for this world I'm so glad she's still in it. I'd think about how she comes to stand by my chair at supper and I'd always say, "Pearl! I have nothing you want! You picked the wrong chair!" and, oh god, when I shaved my head and she licked it and licked it.... and I'd just cry and cry. I'm also premenstrual, but goddamn. She's just so dear.

  18. Jo- I promise it won't be. (please god.)

    handandspirit- I swear. It WAS the peanut butter and banana.
    First she licked the peanut butter, then she ate the banana and then she got up and said, "Hey, got more food?"

    Kori- She is sweet. I swear.

    DTG- That dog has eaten EVERYTHING today. It really is like she's in hospice.

    Elizabeth- I THOUGHT OF THE EXACT SAME THING! I honestly did.

    Mel- Oh no! Or, oh...YES! These dogs. They just want some love and attention? Or at least a little more.
    Bless Maggie.

    Ellen- Oh, me too!

    Jill- So much sweetness. I am blown away. Thanks.

    Ms. Fleur- Pearl got lots of deer liver during deer season but we don't just have any laying around right now.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- You are just PRECIOUS! Thank-you for everything, love. Everything.
    And you're welcome for the picture! My pictures are your pictures.

    Lulumarie- Sssshhhh....

    N2- I could have sworn she was going this morning. SWORN!

    Lucy- Pearl only peed and pooped in the house when she just could not get out in town. But you're right.

    Maggie May- Mark Twain! And don't we all want to be able to say that?

    Lora- And to yours, you sweetie pie!

    Mrs. A- Next thing you know, Pearl will be wanting her own gods to live here with her. Sigh...
    Seriously, though. Thanks, so much to you AND Mr. A.

    Angie C- Maybe she's holding on to be fifteen and a half.
    Love you, honey.

    May- Yes. She is the REAL dog. We are going to miss this old sweet clown. I love you so much! And Pearl loves you too.

  19. I am glad. She is not ready. That's good.

  20. Ahhhh! Pearl is adorable. I hope she's alright xx


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