Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another Wedding

So a year ago, when I was in the play Sex Please, We're Sixty, back when Colin was still alive and Kathleen had no idea she had cancer, two of the actors in the play ran away together and declared themselves a couple and Monticello heaved and shook and held their hands up in horror and lives were disarranged and fingers were pointed and sides were taken and oh yes, the lovers got put in stocks.

Okay. That last part did not happen.

But for those of you who remember, I am speaking, of course, of Jan and Jack and here it is one year later and they are about to get married. Ron, our pastor in residence is going to marry them at my house on April 9 and it will be a small but loving gathering.

If you want a sum-up of the whole story when it happened, you can go here. My goodness, what a stir it all caused!

Anyway, that is who the couple-to-be-married are and this will make two weddings here since I lived in this house. The first was Billy and Shayla and that marriage has done well- they are about to celebrate their sixth anniversary and have a son a few months younger than Owen now.
So- I hope the good luck continues for Jan and Jack. They seem to have settled into mutual domesticity just fine although Jan has had some health problems and oh yes, her father died.
Life just does not stop for a second, does it?

But here's a picture taken at my house last July when we had a party.

There's beautiful Marcy, Jan and Jack, and Cathryn and her Colin. Wine and M&M's. Yeah- do we know how to party or what?

So that's the story and it's been a very long day and I haven't even cooked supper yet. There is chicken thawing in the sink and I should go out and clean out the hen's nests as they are very poopy and maybe I will. I'm tired and my shoulders are so damn tight they feel like they're going to snap like guitar strings but I doubt they will.

Owen's visit was fine although he did NOT want to go down for a nap and then filming was fine and that is always fun, you know. I have no idea why I enjoy it so much, but I do.
"Be very depressed," Freddy says and I think to myself, "Hahahahaha!"
And then I get very depressed. And then he says, "Cut," and oh boy, it's done. That guy has got to write me a part though where I do not play a depressed old woman. This is ridiculous!"

"Oh, I'm going to kill myself."
"Oh, what will I do with no one to take care of me?"
"Oh, I am so scared."
"Oh, I am so crazy."

I keep telling him to write me into a romance but he just won't. He calls me "Mom" so I guess that may be the reason. It certainly couldn't be because he sees me as an old woman, right?


(I think his real mom is younger than I am.)

Well, life keeps tumbling on, the tung tree is putting out leaves and blossom, the dogwood is flat-out pure white, we're going to Gator Bone on Friday for two nights and three days of music, fun, food and friends. Two of my unmarried kids are in love and the married one still seems to be so. One of my very oldest friends in the world is coming to stay next week. Jan and Jack are getting married here very soon.

I do, I guess is what I'm saying.
I do and you do and hell, we all do.
All we can and then we do some more and we still go to bed at night wondering how we could have done more, done better.
We're so crazy.

"Cut", says Freddy and I think, "Shit. That wasn't good enough." But it doesn't matter what I think because I'm not the director and that is such a comfort sometimes.

I don't know about you but I think I'm going to go make a martini and see if Mr. Moon wants to do a walk-about. Get my shoulders loosened up a bit. Then cook that chicken.
The poopy nests will still be poopy tomorrow.

Endings are always hardest for me in my writing and I don't have a good one tonight so I'll just say that life takes a lot of energy, the celebrations and the regular stuff and the hard stuff too.

And that I hope nothing ends any time soon for me because it may be tiring but it sure makes getting up in the morning interesting.


  1. I am sure it will be a lovely wedding. Congratulations and the best of luck to them.

    And I agree, you'll be good in a romantic role. Even if you are a mom.

  2. i dont wanna sound gay or anything, but unicorns are awesome. also, your house is a house of love, sweet marymoon. 10 days and counting to our anniversary and i'm still so in love with shayla that it makes my teeth hurt.

  3. Angie M- Moms can be romantic, right?

    DTG- It's going to be fun.

    daddy B- Just wait until you've been married 26 years. It makes everything hurt. I love you.

  4. Can't wait to see the photos from the wedding.

  5. Didn't Lily get married at your house?

  6. Rebecca- They'll be here.

    SJ- Nope. She got married in a park in Tallahassee. And it was beautiful.

  7. i love you too, sweet marymoon. as does shayla and waylon. call me tomorrow and we'll chat. also, i don't want everything to hurt. ps-our 26th anniversary will be in 2031. doesn't that sound like some jetson shit will be happening? either that or we'll all have been dead for 19 years since the world's ending in 2012.

  8. Hooray for the Opera House Lovers.

    I had a feeling it was them...


  9. a wedding! at your house! perfect welcome to Spring!!

    sweet and welcome news.

  10. Nice to have a wedding at home. We were married at my parents home in Virginia. It was very nice.

  11. That's it...I want to get married at your house too!

    Congrats to Jack and Jan. Sounds like they are two people who have realized life is too short to not be with the person they truly love.
    I give them credit. It takes a lot more courage to leave and be with the one who makes you happy than to sit around in an unhappy relationship.

  12. I believe in truth and love!

    And I wish them light and luck and more love. What a story.

    --The Indextronaute

  13. I love that all these people want to celebrate their love in your house! Very fitting.

  14. That wedding news was very nice to hear. Give the lovely couple a virtual smooch from me.

  15. With that new header picture, I can almost feel you conjuring up another wedding -- that of your dear Jessie. Beautiful love in that photo. May there be love, love, love all around the house and weddings a plenty.
    x0 N2

  16. Please give my congratulations to Jan and Jack. I feel like I sort of know them.

    I love your new banner. It touched my cold cold heart. I am glad Jessie is so happy.

    M&Ms and wine! Where do I sign up?

    I love y'all.

  17. Congrats to the crazy kids~! I'm so happy they are tying the knot.


  18. Daddy B- I. Love. You. To pieces.
    Yeah, you and Shayla will probably celebrate your 26th by flying to Dollywood in your new GMC AirCar. With the Alabama Sticker on the side.

    Michelle- About time they stopped living in sin, right?

    rebecca- It is going to be sweet.

    Syd- Home birth, home death, home weddings. I believe in them all.
    Although I have to say that there can be a point made for hotel sex.

    Mel's Way- Hell, EVERYONE should get married at my house.
    And you are so right about the courage.

    Indextronaut- I believe you may have a few stories too....

    Mwa- It's nice, isn't it?

    Jill- They probably read what you said so I'll deliver.

    N2- One never knows.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Check your wallet. You're already a card-carrying member, love.

    Ms. Fleur- Yeah, it's about TIME!

  19. Wow! You've filmed that already? You don't mess about!

    I'm glad your family and friends are happy and in love. The wine and M&M's - nice touch.

    Enjoy your martini, love C xx

  20. Christina- It is going to be like a three-minute film. So- short filming. I'm sure there was other food there that night but the wine and M&M's got pictured.


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