Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Short, Short, But Not A Film

Gray and rainy and Jason got called into work and so I am getting the boy here in a moment and maybe it'll clear enough so that we can go kick bamboo which is growing about a foot a day and no, that's not hyperbole, just the truth.

And so this is me, checking in, saying good morning to all on this drizzly day and I can feel the seeds in the garden swelling with life and wanting to break soil and I think we are all like that in some way- no matter our age, our position, our place in this life.

That's what I think.

Love....Ms. Moon


  1. Other than my sons, who've I've just shaken awake, you are the first I'll say good morning to! And sending love --

  2. Good morning. It is raining here and yes, the seeds are loving it as is every other living thing. I like rainy days.

  3. raining? wow, an office cubicle with no windows is like another planet.
    My peppers will appreciate this thing you speak of.

  4. Elizabeth- Sweetly and gratefully received.

    Syd- Me too.

    Magnum- Mine will too.

  5. Good morning (now afternoon). It's fucking snowing here. The seeds here are dying. Laugh. Sorry. I'm on a downer.

  6. Good morning! I'm just checking in, too. I've been so busy being ill and looking after my sick babies that the internet has been a bit of a foreign land. Have fun kicking the bamboo with Owen! x

  7. wanting to break soil!
    Yes yes yes.


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