Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Celebrities I have dreamed of in the last few days:

Sarah Jessica Parker
Mickey Rourke
Susan Sarandon
Billy Graham

I had to save the world against Mickey Rourke (it was a movie and I was in it) but Billy Graham was the creepiest one.
(That hair, dear god, that hair! Somehow it was worse than Mickey's. Plus? He wanted to hug me.)


  1. A pleasant dream with George Clooney would be nice tonight. Perhaps it could be set at his house on Lake Como (featured in Star Wars epsiode 2), if that's not asking too much?

  2. I've been having lesbian dreams - as you know - and Susan Sarandon would have been quite a nice surprise in that context, I reckon!

  3. Sweet Jesus! Those aren't dreams... they're nightmares!

    Maybe some nice camomile before bedtime??

    I hope you dream of Mr Moon tonight.

  4. Haha! I wouldn't be happy about Billy Graham. But young Mickey Rourke before he messed with his face sounds good!

    Hope you've had a good day my friend xx

  5. Mickey Rourke looks like a mess in that photo, but I understand that he has overcome some of his issues. Billy Graham--no way would I want a dream about him. I generally don't dream much and when I do, the dreams are weird and about dead relatives and overflowing toilets.

  6. Lucy- Ah. If I could only direct these movie/dreams it would be so awesome. But as it is, there is some sort of insane casting director who does not consult me.

    Mwa- Susan and SJ Parker were wonderful. The rest? Not so much.

    Ms. Fleur- Nothing helps. They just keep coming.

    Angie C- Seriously.

    Christina- The best day. Thanks, love.

    Syd- Overflowing toilets? Mmmmm.
    Lay down on that couch and let's discuss this...

  7. Too much Huffington Post, perchance?

  8. I wish you hadn't even posted that photo of Billy Graham because I'm afraid that now I'll have frigging nightmares tonight! ;)

  9. Christ, what a combination. Mickey and Billy.

  10. Syd,
    I dream about overflowing toilets all the time, too. Wonder what in hell it means?

    Love you.

  11. Jo- Could be.

    Lopo- Sorry, baby.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- My mind is a very messy place.

  12. I dreampt (which apparently is not a word) that I was getting totally hugged on my Hilary Clinton. She was thrilled to see me. So I gave her hair extensions.

    Pretty sure this is what happens when you fall asleep with MSNBC on and a wig in your hand.


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