Friday, September 11, 2015

While The Man's Away...

Not a great selling point for me. Seen at The Children's Lighthouse thrift store.
No. I did not buy it. 

I did truly have the best time today. I loved going with the two pregnant ladies to Lily's appointment. When we were sitting in the waiting room, I sat between them and I swear to you (and this is not woo-woo) I could feel the sweetest, best energy floating between them. I felt like I was in a vortex of contentment. The is the absolute best way I can describe it. Contentment and a sense of peace and well-being. It was all just coming off those two daughters in waves.
The new Ativan?
Just set your butt down between two happy pregnant ladies. Maybe they have to be sisters. What do I know? But as Lily pointed out, "You are sitting between four people."
Sort of blows the mind.

So we loved our tech. She was smart and funny and before two seconds were up she said, "I know what you're having. Let me get you a good picture."
And she did and she said, "It's a woman!"
Which I just adored.
My little woman grandchild!
My daughters laughed at me because I could not see what they were seeing.
"Look Mama. There's a butt cheek and there's a hoo-hoo."
"Okay. Sure."
Finally, yes, it all clicked in between my eyeballs and my brain and I saw that little one's tender parts. Oh my.
And I know, I KNOW! Boy, girl- what's the difference? And sometimes? Genitals lie and next thing you know, the kid you thought was a boy all these years turns out to be a girl! Hey! I've seen it happen! Talk to Catlyn or however she spells her name. And if that is what happens, we'll be happy with that too.
But if things match up with what they look like, Lily is indeed having a woman-baby and until we know better, there will be pink and lots of pink and more and more pink which is already Lily's favorite color so there you go.
I can't wait to see what happens when her Boppy holds her for the first time. And her Daddy. And her mama and, oh well. You know what I mean. And Owen! And Gibson! Be still my heart.

Meanwhile, Jessie could go into labor at any time. She is ready for this little man baby she's bringing into the world. We all are. So ready.
Although- seeing Jessie pregnant is such a beautiful thing that I am almost loathe to give that experience up. Aw, she'll probably have more than one child.

After the appointment we went to that crazy Wilderness Cabin Buffet with all the stuffed dead animals and deer horns on the walls. We ate greens and chicken and black-eyed peas and green beans and macaroni and cheese and all sorts of delicious southern foods.
And then, AND THEN!
I decided to get a massage. Are you kidding me? There's a place at a strip mall by Lily's house called Chen's Massage and I thought, well, why not? 
I walked in the door and a woman came to greet me and she said, "You want massage?" and I said, "How much?" and she told me and I said, "Yes."
I don't think she spoke much English but she was very good and I feel better and more adjusted now. I gave her an extra five bucks over the regular tip and told her it was for my dirty feet. She laughed and said, "It's okay!"
Still, though. I was grateful to her. So very grateful.

But wait- there's more! I bought a Roku. I bought a Roku so we can theoretically, at least, watch Netflix streaming on our TV. Are we about to enter the 21st century?
We shall see. The instructions all look pretty simple but there's some part of me which thinks that if I try to hook it up, I'll blow up the TV or something and then what will I watch the Keith Richards documentary on? Oh yeah. My computer.
Okay. Wish me luck. I feel like one of those old people they make fun of on Damn You, Autocorrect. 

Mr. Moon just should not leave town. He goes off and I do crazy ass things like get a massage and buy a Roku. And hell- tomorrow Lily and I might get pedicures!
It's a brave new world, y'all. And when you think about what I've seen in my lifetime- from TV with three channels and high tech devices being a party-line telephone and a transistor radio- to all of this! Ultrasounds to see your baby before it's born, phones that do more than Dick Tracy's watch ever did, wireless computer stuff (computers!), movies you can watch with the pushing of a few buttons on a remote (a remote!)'s endless. There are smart phones, smart cars, smart appliances, and smart houses. And who knows what this world will be like when my grandchildren are my age? I can't imagine. Literally. I cannot.

BUT, let us keep balance. Babies are born the old-fashioned way in the best of circumstances, chickens lay eggs, food is grown in the dirt, trees and plants make our world livable, music is best made by people playing instruments and singing, reading is best done from a book on paper. Love is love. And my wish is that I can give those things to my grands, to remind them in whatever world they are living in that we are still smart apes who can dance, who can grow food for ourselves, who can keep chickens, who can read books on paper. Who can play music on instruments made of wood and metal and sing with our own voices.
And that everything, EVERYTHING, is better with love.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Congrats on the baby woman! Think of all the little dresses and the little overalls!
    You are so brave to do all those new things and Netflix on top of it! It's easy to hook up - although you can go through your DVD if it is HDMI...haha even the easy stuff is complicated.
    There's a wealth of movies out there - you will love some of them!

  2. Babies are miracles. They just are.

    And you're right, everything is better with love.

  3. It is so exciting waiting for a baby to be born. You are planning to get pedicures tomorrow but just maybe Jessie will have her baby and instead of pedicures you and Lily will be welcoming a new baby into the family! Squeeeee!

  4. all those boys and a girl!!!

    we have a roku- love it!!


  5. oh so lucky you, all those babies coming into your life and Netflix. though I watch it on the computer using my sister's acct.

  6. Liv- I hear we could also go through the Wii. Fuck. I just bought the damn Roku and did it that way. It was so easy, really.
    Thank you for the woman-baby congratulations!

    Jenny_o- Yes! And yes!!!!

    Birdie- No, we got pedicures. Jessie did a 12-hour shift at work.
    But soon!

    Angella- I know! It really is. Babies are just the best.

    Mrs. A- Everyone I've talked to who has a Roku loves it.

    Ellen Abbott- Get you a Roku! Maybe.

  7. A baby woman! I love it. Congratulations. :)


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