Thursday, September 17, 2015


Gibson is already here, showing me how he can run super fast. Since I have the Netflix now, he can watch his favorite movie which has something to do with Garfield. I tell you what- that Netflix is something. Mr. Moon and I have watched three episodes of "Orange is the New Black" because I think it's required by law. 
It's okay. 
Anyway, it's gray here and we could used (to my mind, at least) a little rain. 
It's far too early for me to have any real news but I will admit that we didn't watch one second of that clown debate last night. Too busy watching Netflix.

Let us all have a good day. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. NO clowns for me either.
    You have a good day too, Mrs. Moon.

  2. Accidentally I glanced, Fiorina screaming about planned parenthood keeping fetuses alive long enough to harvest their brains, because, you know, that's what planned parenthood is all about...Clown debate, indeed!Y'all have a good day , too.

  3. I did not go to the circus, either.

    I watched one season of the woman prison show and never really liked it, so I stopped. If you've got The Netflix now, though, I highly recommend The Fall with Gillian Anderson. It's a serial killer show (which I generally don't like AT ALL), but it's excellent. Also: Transparent. You must watch Transparent.

  4. did not watch or the previous one either. for what? clowns in the clown car. analysis was about 4% of what came out of their mouths was actually true. we watched the Matrix series instead. well parts of it when we bothered to look at the TV at all.

  5. And a fine day to you, too, Mary.

  6. Transparent. You'll love it. It's much better than Orange is the New Black.

  7. We love Orange is the New Black. We're up to season 3, I think.


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