Friday, September 18, 2015

Here. Here I Am. Shhhh.

I think the moon is not in blog. Neither I nor two other bloggers I know feel like blogging right now and when I checked my feed this morning, there were only two new posts which is quite odd.

Perhaps we are in the quiet moon.

Or perhaps Keith Richards is sucking up all the talking energy right now. Bless his old heart, 71 years old, about to be 72 in a few months, and today is the day his first solo recording in 23 years is hitting the stores, the internet, the universe, as it were and he is everywhere in the news being interviewed and lauded. You know this makes me happy.
Last night the documentary made by Morgan Neville was premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and if I really wanted to, I could sit down on my couch and watch it right this second, via the Netflix.
Nah. I'm saving it.

Jessie's due date is in just three days, I believe. I still can't quite wrap my head around the fact that she's about to have this child, despite her beautiful, filled-with-life belly. She and Vergil are as ready as ready can be and have their house all arranged and kitchen in place and functioning and it is finally done and just in time and I knew they'd get it done.
To be quite selfish and quite honest, I can't wait until that precious child is safe and warm and here, wrapped in his happy mother's arms.

I breathe in. I breathe out.

I feel too full of so much to write. As if, without warning, everything will cascade onto the keyboard, let loose from this heart of mine and at the same time, I feel as if I must hold everything close to my heart, not let it all loose because to do so allows the eyes of the gods to see it and judge it and proclaim me too lucky or too crazy or too content or too yearning or too insincere or too...whatever it is you're not supposed to be or are supposed to be which bring down the gods' wrath or envy ("I am a jealous god") or punishment or something fatefully disturbing.
Anticipatory anxiety?
Well, yes. Of course. I have the faulty wiring.

On we go. Verbally prolific or not.

That much at least I do know.

Gold rings on you.
Happy Friday.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. No judgements. None. Just love for you in this place.

  2. There was an interview of Keith on NPR I am not sure if it's old or new, just that you had better hear it too... Blessings and best wishes for the oncoming arrival in your sweet's nesting time, withdraw from the world time, sacred and secret time. What a glory..!

  3. I keep going to post but it is wrapped in anger and fatugue and physical pain and I just can't go ahead and post. Not that I don't think I would find support with my blogging friends because I always do. It just seems so pointless. My mood is dark and stormy. It will pass but it sucks waiting for it to happen.

    I am checking your blog a few times a day now to see what is new with Jessie. Eeeeee!

  4. I don't know one person who doesn't have multiple tiny secret freak outs about babies coming. Even the home-birthiest of us. Human nature.

    Jessie looks too strong and energetic and glowing in her photo from the other day to be ready to go - don't you have to get a bit beat down and exhausted looking and surrender to the discomfort and not be able to take one more water-filled step before things start to go? :)

    Lily looks like a goddess too. Your beautiful girls, they're amazing.

  5. I'm eagerly awaiting the post from you telling us all about the safe arrival of the little one. Until then, take all the time you need to process everything going on right now. We (your readers) aren't going anywhere! ♡

  6. I can't wait for Jesse's baby! You are loved.

  7. So soon! It doesn't seem that long since you first told us here about Jessie's pregnancy. Wishing her all the best on her labour and delivery.

  8. Blessings on Jessie and Vergil and on you all as you welcome this new little one to the Moon Tribe. Sending love. x0x0 N2

  9. I'm shocked that is it time for that baby to arrive. How did that time go so fast? I'll be stalking your blogroll and facebook even more now for the big news.

  10. Angella- And to you, dearheart.

    Big Mamabird- Yes. I think you are right. I am nesting in my own way, adapting to the way the portals of my universe are shifting with the soon arrival of this baby.
    I listened to that interview! It was sweet, wasn't it?

    Birdie- I know exactly what you mean- What is the point? Sometimes we just feel that way. May your darkness pass sooner than soon, dear woman!

    Jo- Yes. Childbirth is IMPORTANT at the very least. And I agree- I don't think she's quite ready to deliver. But she will be and it will happen.
    My girls are amazing, aren't they?

    Jennifer- Oh, thank-you! If the labor is long, you may well get step-by-step announcements!

    Joanne- Isn't this just going to be an adorable baby? Oh! I think so!

    jenny_o- I know! How can the time have flown so fast?

    N2- We are all just sort of holding our breaths here. Thank you.

    Jill- I'll be quite sure to let everyone know!!!

  11. Yeah, for the first time in eight years, I'm not posting every day. I don't know why. I just don't have it in me. I AM excited about Jessie's baby, though -- probably weirdly so, because you know -- I don't really even KNOW Jessie. But it's another grandchild for you! And I know you'll have the blogging fever after that event, and we'll hear all the details and be inspired to live life with joy.

  12. Quiet moon! Yes! Although I've been feeling less quiet this weekend. It waxes and wanes. I think walking the dog helps. :)


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