Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sometimes It's The Rock, Sometimes It's The Roll

Okay. That went pretty well.

Okay, sure. There was chaos and noise and dancing and cooking and steak eating and a football game and a neighbor came over and when it was time to clean up the kitchen, I realized I'd forgotten to serve the corn which Jessie and I husked and I cooked and so we shall be eating corn tonight.
Lots of corn tonight.
And we forgot to shut the chickens up in the excitement of everything, the baths, the showers, the purple cows, the cookie balls, the toothbrushing, the pajama donning, the story-telling, the Jessie and Vergil bye-bye's, the...
You get the picture.
And the bad news is that we have no more ducks and yes, I feel terrible but it happened and something grabbed her and took her off in the night and so, no, we have no ducks now, only chickens and I should probably feel worse than I do but I'm being honest here- I never did really want ducks and that's the truth and she didn't have much of a pond to swim in and as I just said the other day, she'd quit swimming entirely.
Which has nothing to do with her death.
Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Moving on.

And Gibson slept in his bed for at least two hours before he came crying to ours and he did pretty well as long as I clung to the side of the bed and pulled his covers up for him every time he woke up and realized he didn't have them which only happened six or seven times and we all went right back to sleep every time it happened. He didn't kick too much or thrash about too much and I think I'll live.

Lily came and got them this morning and took them to their other grandma's house where their Uncle Chris and Aunt Loren and darling little Lenore live, for a day of fun while Lily goes BACK to work. I don't know how she does it. My children are so much stronger than I ever was. Jessie is at her last day of work before her baby comes. Twelve hours, almost forty-weeks pregnant. Vergil's putting her up a clothesline today so she can hang diapers on the line. They are doing the final feathering of their nest now, ready and waiting for the small man-baby who was kissed through the belly almost constantly last night.

And now here I am. Mr. Moon has gone to take the trash and help Vergil with the clothesline project and I think he's going to stop by the thrift store where I bought a love seat the other day to go in the library and pick it up on his way home which is SO exciting to me I can't begin to tell you. As I told Lis on the phone yesterday, it is not too ugly and it's very comfy and it was only $89!
Owen kept calling it the love couch.
We shall see about that.

And what am I going to do today? Well, I see that Maurice has finally gotten out of bed so I shall wash sheets and hang them on my clothesline and water plants and I think I'll do some weeding. And beyond that, stay right here in Lloyd and I hear that there's a new documentary out on Netflix that I might be interested in and so hell- might as well watch that tonight. While we are eating corn.

Have I mentioned this documentary before?


Thanks for putting up with me, y'all.

I sure do love you.

Ms. Moon


  1. You have a very rich life. I aspire to the urban version of that life someday. My children and niece are all seeing lovely people right now. Who knows? Good morning sweet friend.

  2. Hot time in Lloyd tonight - corn and Keith! lol

  3. sounds like a good time was had by all and too bad about the duck. they do need a pond though. perhaps she just wandered off looking for one unless, of course, you have evidence otherwise.

  4. i am so very aware that any day now you will have a new grandson. oh my.

  5. Today I got home from work. Had a snack and went right to your blog to see if there was any baby news. There wasn't (as you know), not yet so I went and did other stuff and came back to your blog for a slow read.

    It is a Netflix kind of day here. After reading blogs that is what I shall do.

  6. First off, just let me shake my fist at a system that lets a woman work up to her due date and refuses her any maternity leave at all, and expects her to be grateful nonetheless. Fucking fuckers. We get six months here now, which is meant to start two weeks before your due date, though a lot of women fiddle their dates to get more time off afterwards, with the baby. Perhaps less so now that it's six instead of three. But this is still less generous than other countries. Well. You've seen the infographic. Bleh.

    Gibson's cowboy boots are just rad :) And the couch looks so deep and comfy! Nice!

    I'm sorry about the duck. Nature...

  7. Angella- Who knows? Exactly! But I bet you buttons to billions that you, too, will be a grandmother one of these days. Absolutely! Don't get rid of all the toys...

    jenny_o- Can you even stand it? Haha!

    Ellen Abbott- Unfortunately, there were feathers. And the chickens had that dazed look this morning they get after an attack. I feel pretty awful to have let it happen.

    Angella- I KNOW!!!!

    Birdie- But one of these days, very soon, there WILL be baby news! We must all be patient. Thank you so much for being excited for this child. I love my community here.

    Jo- Here's the funny thing- Vergil gets paternity leave while Jessie gets no maternity leave. He only gets two weeks but that's full-paid and we are very grateful. Jessie will probably NOT be going back to work anytime soon. She does love her job but I have a feeling she's not going to want to be separated from that child.
    Yeah. Our country is the SUCK when it comes to maternity leave.
    Gibson's boots light up too! How cool is that?

  8. dear gawd, i love your blog, I feel like I am sitting on the porch with a good friend whose parents grew up with my parents. And yes indeed Kieth IS!!!

  9. Linda Sue- So glad to have your here on the porch with me. Absolutely.

  10. Oh, no. Poor duck. I'm sorry to hear it. Maybe she just took the final steps of her metamorphosis (as you wrote a few days ago) and turned entirely into a chicken? Maybe she's still there! Do you have any new chickens?


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